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16 MAR 13

CW3 James E. Groves III [PC]
P injured


3/17 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed at approx 1630 hrs in Daman District, approx 8.5 mi N of KAF during live test fire training mission. The SWT departed the airfield and arrived on station at 1610 hrs. A/C was departing after successful dry fire engagement in a right hand outbound turn and at 400' AGL, M/R RPM decreased to 79% and Ng to 68%, descended and impacted the ground in a 5 deg left-side low attitude coming to rest on right side.

05 SEP 12

CW2 Jose L. Montenegro Jr [P]
CW2 Thalia S. Ramirez [P]


F TRP 1/17 CAV
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C went down in Babus area, Pul-e Alam district of Logar province while performing aerial support to ground troops in contact. While on a 2-ship SWT at approx 1320 hrs, A/C was at 538' AGL and 33 KIAS when a complete loss of T/R thrust and went into a rapid, uncontrollable right yaw with vertical descent rate of 4000 FPM impacting the ground. Suspect cause was materiel failure of the splined steel trunnion in T/R assy.

06 JUN 12

CPT Scott P. Pace [P]
1LT Mathew G. Fazzari [P]


F TRP 1/17 CAV (ATCH 3/82 AVN)
[Need Tail#]
A/C was shot down by enemy fire in Qarah Bagh, Ghazni province while providing air support.

12 DEC 11

CW3 Shan Joseph Satterfield [P]
CW2 Lucas D. Sigfrid [P]


16 CAB
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Two A/C crashed after 2000 hours in an aviation training area SW of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) during a training flight approx 2 mi south of Spurgeon Creek Road Southeast and Rainier Road Southeast. Pilot, ATC and comm issues were all factors that led to mid-air crash.

CW3 Frank A. Buoniconti III [P]
CPT Anne M. Montgomery [P]

09 JUL 11

CW4 Daniel Cole [P]
1LT Thomas J. Williams Jr [P]


C/1-230 ACS (TN ARNG)
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed after a wire strike off I-75N near exit 141 close to Royal Blue Recreation Area in Campbell county about 1730 hours during a routine training flight.

05 JUN 11

CW2 Bradley J. Gaudet [P]
CW3 Kenneth R. White [P]


B/6-6 CAV
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed in Sabari district in Khost Province while failing to pull out of diving fire to engage IED emplacers. A/C entered a high airspeed/rate of descent below recoverable altitude while crew was fixated on target with additional factors of steep angle, out-of-trim condition, slight tail wind and high grwt of A/C.

23 APR 11

CW2 Terry L. Varnadore II [P]
CP injured


C/1-10 ATK
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed in Alasay district of Kapisa province when tailboom struck by RPG.

14 DEC 10

DAC Jeremy J. Clark [IP]
Student pilot injured


C/1-14 AVN
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed at approx 2230 hours at Molinelli Range on Ft. Rucker during Stage 1 NVG gunnery training. Cause of crash was undetermined due to post-crash fire.

21 FEB 10

CPT Marcus Ray-Alford Sr [P]
CW2 Billie Jean Grinder [P]


C/1-230 ACS (TN ARNG)
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed near Q-West at approx 1430 hours while on a ferry flight out of Iraq to Kuwait. A FADEC failure caused A/C to divert to Q-West.

08 NOV 09

CW2 Earl R. Scott III [P]
CW2 Mathew C. Heffelfinger [P]


2-6 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed after wire strike 2 km W of COB Speicher near Tikrit at approx 2300 hours while under NVG.

27 MAY 09

CW2 S. Blane Hepfner [P]
CW2 J. Bryce Millward [P]


A/2-6 CAV
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a routine MTF, crashed hard and burned at Wheeler AAF at approx 1530 hours. Investigation stated a drop in airspeed, a failure to abort the autorotation and a belated attempt to power back up sent the A/C into a descent greater than 300 FPM into its own downwash.

25 JAN 09

CW3 Philip E. Windorski Jr [P]
CW2 Matthew G. Kelley [P]


B/6-6 CAV
#95-00034 & #95-00077
A/C were taking evasive action due to direct enemy fire and collided in Multaquia district of Tamim Province, 18 mi W of Kirkuk at approx 0215 hours.

CW2 Joshua M. Tillery [P]
CW2 Benjamin H. Todd [P]

15 NOV 08

CW3 Donald V. Clark [P]
CW2 Christian P. Humphreys [P]


C/6-17 CAV
A/C went down at about 1810 in the eastern part of Mosul after it hit a communications tower belonging to the main office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

11 SEP 08

CW4 Michael Slebodnik [P]


C/2-17 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C was on a recon and surveillance mission near Jalalabad when it came under SA fire. Pilot was hit in the leg and died as a result of injuries.

05 JUN 08

CW4 James Carter [P]
PFC Andre D. McNair Jr


2-17 CAV
A/C crashed during a test flight at Kandahar AAF. Cause was a low side FADEC failure that occurred as pilot entered an autorotation while performing Autorotation Check during MTF. The failure caused NG to stabilize below idle speed, not allowing the engine to be reclaimed when throttle was rolled back up. Rotor RPM bled off and A/C fell approx 700' AGL.

04 JUL 07

CW3 Scott A.M. Oswell [P]
1 injured


A/4-6 ACS
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C hit electrical wires and crashed in Ninevah Province while providing support for a convoy.

28 MAY 07

1LT Keith N. Heidtman [P]
CW2 Theodore U. Church [P]


B/2-6 CAV
#93-0978 "GHOSTRIDER 26"
A/C crashed in Diyala Province between Baqouba and Muqdadiyah due to small arms fire.

13 SEP 06

CPT Matthew C. Mattingly [P]


A/1-17 CAV
[Need Tail#]
Died from wounds received when his recon helicopter was fired on during combat near Mosul.

13 JAN 06

CW3 Mitchell K. Carver Jr [P]
CW2 Kyle E. Jackson [P]


1-10 ATK (Light)
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C struck top of embankment and cartwheeled into ground after receiving hostile fire while conducting a combat air patrol with another OH-58D just outside of FOB Courage.

29 AUG 05

CW2 Dennis P. Hay [P]
P wounded


4-3 CAV
TF Freedom pilot killed by SA fire near Tal Afar. The A/C took rounds and the PI was able to recover but had to make an emergency landing north of the city, he was unable to fly back to base. Medevac had to come in to get the aircrew out, later that night an SP and MTP had to fly out to recover the aircraft.

26 MAY 05

CW4 Matthew S. Lourey [P]
CW2 Joshua M. Scott [P]


1-17 CAV
A/C crashed after coming under small arms fire in Buhriz, south of Baqubah. Another OH-58 was hit but landed safely. (Task Force Liberty)

28 JAN 05

CPT Orlando A. Bonilla [P]
CW2 Charles S. Jones [P]


1/7 CAV
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was operating on second FRAGO within 30 minutes of takeoff, 2 days prior to the first Iraqi national elections (the city was full of activity). There was zero illum., and were providing air cover to White 14G who had just lost three to an IED. They were operating low and fast looking for an exfil route for their ground brothers when they hit the wires and crashed in SW Baghdad.

16 OCT 04

CPT Christopher B. Johnson [P]
CW3 William I. Brennan [P]


1/25 AVN
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Flight of 2 had a mid-air collision over southern Baghdad during zone recon mission. A/C were at 100' AGL and 35 KIAS when trail's M/R blades struck lead's vertical fin and T/R components. Both lost control and impacted the ground. Collision due to combination of trail losing sight of lead and unannounced 360 deg. turn by lead.

2 pilots injured

1/25 AVN
Mid-air with OH-58D above.

25 FEB 04

CW2 Matthew C. Laskowski [P]
CW2 Stephen M. Wells [CP]


4/3 ACR
A/C crashed into the Euphrates River near Haditha after striking a ferry cable across the river.

26 JAN 04

CW3 Patrick D. Dorff [P]
1LT Adam G. Mooney [P]


3/17/10 AVN
A/C crashed into the Tigris River during a rescue mission near Mosul due to wire strike.

23 JAN 04

CW2 Michael T. Blaise [P]
CW2 Brian D. Hazelgrove [P]


2-17 & 3-17 CAV
A/C crashed shortly after takeoff from Q-West near Mosul while conducting right seat rides as the 101st was conducting a RIP. A/C was attempting to abort the mission due to weather and return to the base.

02 JAN 04

CPT Kimberly N. Hampton [P]
P injured


D/1-17 CAV
A/C shot down by enemy ground fire and crashed in Fallujah. Assigned to 1/82 AVN as TF Wolfpack.

20 AUG 02

CW2 Phillip L. Rochlitz [P]
CW2 Milas J. Turney [P]


Quickstrike Troop 4/2 ACR

A/C crashed 5 miles E of North Ft Polk’s cantonment area while conducting scouting and recon. A/C entered a progressive nose-up attitude until the fuselage inverted in flight, entered the trees vertically prior to ground impact in an inverted, left-side low attitude.

24 JUN 98

CPT Charles K. Harvey [P]
Stephen A. Bowman (USFS)


[Need A/C Unit] (TN ARNG)
A/C crashed on Holston Mountain about 6 miles NE of the Elizabethton airport, after flying into a thunderstorm.

19 JUN 97

MAJ Donald R. Baxter
1LT William Neal
P injured


1/183 AVN (ID ARNG)
A/C was surveying flood damage in eastern Idaho when it crashed in an open area just north of the farming community of Firth along the flooded Snake River. Low-RPM audio and warning light came on in cruise flight at 500' AGL and 90 KIAS, pilot entered autorotation with turn to align A/C into the wind. During descent A/C hit a 5' fence post and crashed and was consumed by fire. Crash was due to suspected underspeed causing loss of control.

20 MAY 97

CW3 Bradford W. Green [P]
CP injured


C/1/185 AVN (MS ARNG)
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was one of flight of 10 conducting NVG NOE zone recon on Camp Shelby approx 6 mi S of Beaumont, when T/R struck trees and separated from acft causing loss of directional control and crash, postcrash fire consumed the A/C.

14 APR 96

CW3 Donald S. Murray [IP]
CPT Joseph O. Reed [P]

New Mexico

1-82 AVN
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Mid-air with other OH-58 during live Hellfire missle drill on McGregor Range at Ft. Bliss. Chalks 1 & 2 (of 3 aircraft) at BP drifted into each other with M/R blades of Chalk 2 impacting right door of Chalk 1.

CW2 Michael J. Roche [IP]
P injured

28 AUG 95

CW4 Dennis H. Laffick [P]
AGT Michael G. Miller [OB] (USBIA)


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was providing aerial security for a day counterdrug operation (Deep Thrust) when it hit a set of power lines causing sudden stoppage that sheared the mast and separated the M/R system from A/C, impacting the ground in a nose-low attitude near Bixby.

21 MAY 95

CW2 Kevin L. Jenkins* [P]
WO1 John D. Peterson [P]


1-6 CAV
News Article
A/C was lead on mission searching for drug smugglers as part of JTF-6, with 2 Apaches flying low-level at 500' AGL. Approx 20km W of Bisbee-Douglas airport, A/C began a rapid climb in excess of 1000 FPM. After climbing to approx 2000' AGL, A/C went into a rapid, near-vertical descent with zero or near-zero fwd airspeed and low rotor RPM and impacted the ground in near-vertical descent and post-crash fire resulted.

*Jenkins was my roommate in 87-88 at Ft. Hood.

19 MAY 95

DAC Madison Wilson [IP]
2 injured


A/C was at 3' hover and descended as it moved laterally, skids contacted the ground and the M/R blades struck the ground and rolled onto its right side during an unaided night training flight near Spring Hill.

17 DEC 94

CW2 David M. Hilemon [P]
PC injured


A/4/501 AVN RGT
#71-20796 "RAZORBACK 19"
A/C shot down by North Korea after crossing a "no-fly" zone. Hilemon was Apache pilot on a DMZ familiarization flight.

18 APR 94

1LT Michael A. Aguilar [P]
CPT Kenneth A. Sexton [P]


2-229 AVN
A/C was Chalk 2 in flt of two during a day VFR mission over moutainous terrain flying at 80 KIAS and 50' AGL when crew tramsmitted two mayday calls before it crashed on the side of a ridge near Nellis AFB. Cause of engine power loss could not be determined, however it is suspected to have been the result of air in the fuel system.

25 JAN 94

CW2 Martin S. Chapman [P]
2LT Heath J. Fisher [P]


501 AVN
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed into a hillside approx 2 mi S of Evant at approx. 2230 hours during a routine training exercise.

16 DEC 93

CW2 Steven F. Penrod [P]
CPL Robert P. Weinaug Jr [OB]


101 AVN

During a night tactical terrain flight with NVGs, lead A/C in flight of three entered IMC as they crossed over a ridgeline. Crew initiated inadvertent IMC recovery procedures with climbing left turn to 4000'. Pilot allowed airspeed to drop near zero and allowed A/C to enter into an uncontrolled rate of descent, impacting the ground in a 20-30 degree nose-low, 30-degree roll and 15-degree yaw attitude with fwd airspeed exceeding 60 knots. Crash occurred at approx 0100 hours in a deep ravine near Golden Pond in Trigg County at Land Between the Lakes.

09 FEB 93

CW2 Mark K. Bernstein [IP]
PVT David E. Waters [OB]


1/14 ATB
A/C was conducting night aerial observer training when it impacted with high G forces in a sparsely wooded terrain bordering a hay field approx 20 mi E of Troy near Kinyard.

20 MAY 92

WO1 Michael A. Gonzalez [P]
OB injured


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was flight of 3 (2 AH-64) conducting a zone recon 2 mi SE of Abilene, and struck 1/4 inch electrical wires, wrapping around the skids and A/C traveled about 200m hitting the ground nose first with right rolling motion, bounced forward about 20' and came to rest on right side. The accident occurred at approx. 1850 hours.

16 MAR 92

WO1 Michael D. Henson [PC]
CW2 Thomas J. Norton [CP]


C/1-17 CAV
A/C crashed approx. 1500 hours on an orientation flight at AP Hill near Bowling Green.

06 NOV 91

WO1 Raymond J. Bushey [P]
SSG Randy L. Ward [OB]


1/4 AVN
During NVG training mission, A/C hit ground in near-level attitude, M/R made initial ground contact, A/C then struck ground with left skid, followed by left front cockpit and second M/R blade strike. A/C spun on nose, came down on left side and made third M/R blade strike. Crash occurred near Cucharas Reservoir, just off Hwy 10 about 14 miles east of Walsenburg. A/C was found at 1015 hours on 07NOV91.

04 APR 91

WO1 Christopher A. Martin [P]
SFC Russell F. Awalt [OB]


A/4/229 AVN

A/C crashed while on recon mission in southern Iraq.

21 FEB 91

CW2 Hal H. Reichle [P]
SPC Michael D. Daniels [OB]


A/1/24 AVN
#69-16113 "TANGO 15"
A/C flew into the ground on combat recon to Phase Line LION at NT062952 due to bad weather.

21 AUG 90

CPT Joseph L. Bourgeois [IP]
CW4 William J. Moriarty [P]


C/1-14 AVN
A/C crashed at approx. 2230 hours on a night training mission near a rural airfield. Crew allowed A/C to descend below safe approach angle.

21 MAR 90

1LT Billy C. Perry Jr [P]


[Need A/C Unit]
Crew was on a three-ship zone recon scouting possible air assault locations at Ft. Irwin. A/Cs landed and platoon leader exited acft to speak with CO in other acft located 100m to left front of his acft, slighly uphill when he was struck by M/R blade.

21 FEB 90

WO1 James W. Carl [P]
CPT Richard D. Tyndall [OB]


1/228 AVN
A/C was part of a 4-ship lift peacekeeping mission over jungles on the Atlantic coast of Panama. A/C ran into a heavy rainstorm and lost contact with the ground and crashed into a mountain. One UH-1H crashed while searching for Kiowa.

20 DEC 89

WO1 Andrew P. Porter [P]
P injured


B/1/123 AVN
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C and AH-1 were providing air support during air assault at Fort Amador during Operation Just Cause. A/C received small arms fire from PDF and crashed in the Bay of Panama about 100 yds from shore.

30 NOV 89

CW2 Gregg J. Plympton [P]
OB injured



A/C crashed less than 1 mile from small town of Effeldorf during single ship NVG training, hitting the top guide wire on a 350' set of power lines.

15 AUG 89

CPT John A. Perkins [P]
CW2 Craig S. Dennis [P]
SGT Lyle V. Stepleton Jr [OB]

North Carolina

2-82 AVN
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a night VFR tactical NVG training flight from Ft. Bragg enroute to a field site at an estimated 100' AGL when it went IMC. A/C crashed on a 27-degree firebreak/road embankment on NE side of Coolyconch Mountain at 0010 hours after loss of control in heavy fog.

15 JUN 89

CW2 Stephen K. Cornick [P]
WO1 Brian L. Madrid [P]
SSG Timothy E. McDaniel


123 AVN
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed after striking three high-voltage electrical wires 132' above the ground near the Trans-Isthmian highway in the vicinity of the Madden Dam water plant while escorting a convoy near Panama Canal.

01 FEB 89

CPT Michael D. Scotton [P]
3 injured


A/1/123 AVN
During an NVG tactical training flight the crew of an AH-1 (#78-23056) attempted an inflight link-up with the OH-58. The Cobra overtook and collided with the Kiowa causing the Kiowa to crash. Cobra lost directional control and crashed 150 meters from the OH-58 injuring the crew. The AH-1 and OH-58 crashed in dense brush 1 1/2 miles SW of Fritzche airfield.

15 SEP 88

SSG George S. Leary [C]
P injured


25 AVN

A/C crashed into a heavily wooded area near Ellenberg during NATO exercise Certain Challenge. Pilot initiated a left turn during contour flight and failed to maintain a safe obstacle-clearance altitude. As a result, the M/R hit trees, causing extensive rotor and airframe damage, and A/C crashed through 100' tall trees.

14 JUN 88

CW2 Robert J. Guerrera [P]
P injured


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was flying 3-5' above surface of Lake Starnberg at 90-100 KIAS when aircraft struck the surface and sank. Was on a flight from Bad Kreuznach to Bad Tolz.

05 APR 88

1LT Glen P. Adams Jr [P]
DAC Jorgen J. McCann


4/159 AVN
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a service mission transporting a DAC to a conference in Garmisch when it entered inadvertent IMC and was in near-level cruise flight when it hit the side of a mountain about 100' below the crest in heavy fog at approx 0900 hours near Nabern. After striking several large trees, A/C hit the ground on a 40-degree incline and rebounded downslope, coming to rest on its right side.

29 MAR 88

CW2 Michael G. Halliday [IP]
PVT injured


[Need A/C Unit]
A/C was on a mission to provide combat skills training for an AO on Ft. Rucker, flying low-level route at about 60 KIAS and 400' AGL over heavily wooded area. A/C experienced an engine-out audio and light came on, autorotated and fell 30' through trees and hit the ground. The power takeoff helical gearshift that provides power to the drive train had failed due to fatigue.

09 DEC 86

DAC Harold D. LeGrand [IP]
WOC Mark E. Elenio


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a student NVG training mission when section leader began recalling acft due to control zone going IMC. A/C joined another acft and began heading back to airfield when tower put them on a 10-15 min wait for clearance. They proceeded to a stagefield to hold and were joined by three more OH-58s. At 2058 hrs, they were cleared to enter control zone as flight of five, proceeding inbound at 300-400' AGL and when they reached VOR about 2 1/2km north of airfield, they entered fog that extended from ground to 400-600' AGL. They made a shallow left turn for final and lead lost sight of airfield. Chalk 2 continued to descend into the fog, struck trees in a tail-low attitude with 12 deg of left bank. M/R system, mast, xmsn and cabin roof began ripping free when white retreating blade struck a 7" hardwood tree, severing 6' of the blade.

25 FEB 86

CW2 Thomas D. Schieck [P]
SP4 Michael J. Terzich


Reportedly A/C was flying NOE back to Butts AAF and struck a tree after supporting division artillery.

17 JAN 86

CW2 William K. Close [P]
2 injured


11 CAV
A/C followed by an AH-1 was enroute to a training area to conduct a multiship tactical training under NVGs during Reforger 86 when the Cobra overtook and collided with OH-58, causing A/C to fall almost vertically from 200-250' AGL. AH-1 Cobra

11 NOV 85

CW2 Theodore Euson Jr [P]
CP injured


A/1-24 CAB
#68-16985 & #70-15307
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Two helicopters collided at the U.S. Army National Training Center in the Mojave Desert at Ft. Irwin. A flight of two (AH-1 and OH-58) was heading to the FARP from field site approx 500m apart, when a second OH-58 5km short of FARP crossed a ridgeline and merged into path of the other OH-58 and collided with each other.

2 injured

11 DEC 84

1LT Jayme L. German [P]


D/4/7 CAV
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was single pilot mission operating out of a field site to fly back to home base to pick up an IP. Pilot departed early morning and received a wx briefing 5 minutes into flight. Pilot was flying at 50-60 KIAS when A/C crashed on a 40-deg slope of a 1,130' mountain, 377' from the top approx 5 mi N of Camp Casey.

08 NOV 84

1LT Byron L. Bellamy [P]
CP injured


[Need Tail#]
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was in a flight of three OH-58s and an AH-1 flying a simulated artillery attack mission and was returning to airfield. A/C was tasked with leading the flight back, accelerated too far ahead of flight, made a left turn to establish visual contact. During turn, the acft lost some altitude and airspeed. Flight resumes contact and both pilots attention are focused on radio communications when A/C hit power lines and yaws left 60 deg, enters left roll and crashed shortly after 2230 hours approx 6 mi NE of Biggs AAF.

23 JUL 84

1LT Billy D. Hubbard Jr [P]
CP killed


A/2-17 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C was Chalk 2 in flight of two from Ft. Campbell on a mountain navigational training flight when it went into a nose-low, left bank and crashed near Valdosta at approx 1900 hours while supporting the Ranger School, Mountain Training Camp in Dahlonega.

11 JAN 84

CW2 Jeffry C Schwab [P]


101 AVN GP/229 AVN BN
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C accidentally crossed into Nicaragua and was shot down in the vicinity near Las Trojes by Sandinista rebels. Pilot landed and was killed by SA fire from the rebels after taking cover in a ditch with two PAX.

25 OCT 83

CPT Thomas A. Correia* [P]
2 injured


News Article
A/C crashed near Finthen AAF. *CPT Correia died 03NOV83 of complications from injuries received in crash.


OB killed*
P injured



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was flying about 40' AGL and 60 KIAS crossing some deep ravines when engine and M/R RPM lights came on and audio warning systems activated. Pilot initiated sharp left turn toward level terrain, but crashed on the slope a ravine, slid downslope and came to rest on left side. Preliminary reports indicate engine failure. *OB died 2 days later of head injuries.


1 killed
1 injured



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a photography mission flying about 60-75' AGL and came to a stable hover. A/C began an uncommanded turn to the right, CP closed the throttle and began an autorotation, landed hard and came to rest upright. Cause was due to operation of acft in a flight mode known to be conducive to loss of T/R effectiveness and marginal effectiveness of the antitorque system.

12 SEP 82

WO1 Greg P. Gallagher [P]


[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed while on a night flight after flying into IIMC. Pilot lost visual references soon after takeoff and could not maintain VFR flight. A/C was seen about 3/4 of a mile from takeoff point coming out of low clouds in a steep right turn at or exceeding normal cruise airspeed when it crashed in a near-level attitude.

15 DEC 81

CW2 George Haralson [IP]
WOC Eugene Chase


[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Mid-air collision at approx 2120 hours during routine training 1/4 mi from Goldberg Stage Field. Under NVGs, both acft departed stagefield and drifted toward each other and collided about 600m S of the stagefield takeoff areas.

CW2 Larry A. Ettenberger [IP]
1LT James F. Clevenger

17 JUN 81

CW4 Robert F. Ertl [P]
CW3 David E. Impola [P]
1SG Allen W. Wilson
1 injured


[Need Tail#]
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed in a heavily wooded area 3 mi NW of the main barracks at Ft. McCoy at approx 1600 hours while on a recon training mission. A/C was at 40' above 80-90' trees at an airspeed below ETL, when acft spun to the right at least 2 times. Crew attempted recovery but was ineffective and M/R blades hit the tops of trees, separated and fuselage pitched nose down and hit ground on its nose. Wreckage discovered 7 hrs after crash. Cause was determined to an ineffective T/R.


CE killed



[Need A/C Unit]
#69-16227? (19MAY81)
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was on a night training flight at approx 55 KIAS and 40' AGL when it hit a wire suspended between two hills. A/C was destroyed on ground impact. Wire not plotted on crew's hazard map.

13 NOV 80

CMDR Larry Ammerman [IP] (USN)
David Baker


[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C crashed near Ridge during a test pilot training mission. Crew was on autorotative flying qualities demo flight when contact was lost. Indications that M/R and T/R blades departed before impact.

15 SEP 80

CPT Steven M. Strickland [P]
2 injured


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed near Guenzenhausen while taking part in the Autumn Forge exercise Certain Rampart. A/C was flying about 10-15' AGL and approx 50 KIAS while on a mission to provide the commander with enemy locations, movements and targets. Pilot spotted a jeep traveling 30-40 MPH on a road running north-south and went into a shallow left turn and slight descent, passing over rear of jeep when T/B hit the jeep's antenna and T/R blades struck antenna and mount causing blades to separate. A/C yawed right, hit the ground in a nose-down attitude, rolled left and came to rest on its right side. During crash white M/R blade struck the right front side of fuselage hitting the pilot's helmet.

28 APR 80

1LT Stephen D. Castro [P]

North Carolina


269 AVN
[Need Tail#]
A/C from Ft. Bragg crashed shortly after takeoff on Craney Island near the water's edge of a Navy fuel pier. Wx was 10 knot winds and scattered heavy thundershowers and 1 mi visibility. A/C went down sideways in a marshy drainage ditch about 150' from a fuel line at the fuel depot.

22 JAN 80

WO1 Lawrence W. Tuttle [P]
1LT Brett Lassiter
MAJ Francis B. Galligan Jr


A/227 AVN
[Need Tail#]
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A/C crashed at approx 1845 near Engineer Lake on Ft. Hood after departing field site in marginal weather while in support of a III Corps field training exercise. A/C went IIMC and pilot lost visual reference, lost control and dove straight into ground.

26 OCT 79

CW2 Roger D. Welch [P]
CPT Ervin Willis Jr


[Need Tail#]
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A/C was on a tactical training mission during Operation Golden Warrior flying at 65 KIAS and below 50' AGL when it hit wires near Tamarack and crashed. Pilot fatigue was a contributing factor in crash.

20 SEP 78

CW2 Robert Steven Kulisek [P]
1 injured


11 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed near Frankfurt while on a flight during the "Certain Shield" exercises after striking a telephone cable.

25 AUG 78

CW3 James E. McCall [P]
SP4 Willie C. Bates Jr
MAJ Daniel W. Clem


A/501 CAB
[Need Tail#]

A/C exploded during a training flight and crashed into the woods near the town of Eschenbach.

03 MAR 78

CW3 Richard Glenn Smith [P]



[Need A/C Unit]
A/C crashed in accident from Schofield Barracks.

11 DEC 77

CW2 David H. Irby [PC]
SSG Randy L. Atterberry [C]
SP6 William R. Godwin Jr [C]


[Need A/C Unit] (AR ARNG)
[Need Tail#]
News Article WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C struck some power lines, crashed into a cliff and fell into the Buffalo River in Searcy County at the crossing of the Buffalo River bridge and US 65, 6 miles N of Marshall.

13 SEP 77

1LT John H.B. Krueger
P & 2 PAX injured


503 AVN BN
[Need Tail#]
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed in the first day of Reforger '77 exercise Carbon Edge. A/C picked up PAXs at a field site and climbed to 85-90 AGL, with speed faster than a hover and slower than normal cruise. Pilot made a tight right turn to avoid hitting wires but tail struck the wires and A/C began to spin to right approx 6 times and crashed into trees.

01 SEP 77

CPT Gary E. Johnson [P]

North Carolina

[Need Tail#]

A/C from Ft. Bragg crashed in the area of Hope Mills.

06 MAY 77

WO1 Douglas M. Clark [P]
SGT Robert E. Beachum [CE]

North Carolina

82 AB
[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C was on a first light recon mission at approx 0650 hours when it struck a tree during a low altitude turn.

23 JUN 76

CPT Gordon W. Agne Jr [P]
CW2 Timothy J. Zeri [P]


C/3/5 CAV
[Need Tail#]
News Article
At approx 0700 hours, A/C made a pass between two hills on Yakima firing range upon which were parked an M-60 tank and an M-113 APC. The A/C banked steeply to avoid hitting the vehicles and then came around for another pass. At that time, the outboard 12" of the rotor blade impacted the gun barrel of the tank, which was angled off to the side of the vehicle.

17 SEP 75

CW2 Phillip E. Carter [P]


3 ID
[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C crashed at approx 0800 hours in an open field outside the village of Froehstockheim near Kitzingen during military manuevers.

06 OCT 73

CPT Jimmy M. Ford [P]


2/2 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C was returning to Bamberg from Graf and had dropped off a PAX at Bindlach. It was near sunset and growing foggy when he left, air search unsuccessful, ground troops found wreckage (two?) days later.

23 AUG 73

2LT Lynn R. Jewell
2 injured



[Need A/C Unit] (Ft Leonard Wood based)
[Need Tail#]

A/C crashed in the Cimarron River, 6 mi W of Perkins after wire strike while on a training flight from Guthrie to Tulsa.

16 JUL 73

CPT Larry E. Rollins [P]
SSG Terrance W. Myers Jr

North Carolina

[Need A/C Unit] (NC ARNG)
[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C crashed and broke into pieces after striking a tall tree at approx 2305 hours in a wooded area on the edge of small lake off Lake Norman in the Sherill's Ford-Terrell area off HWY 150 while returning to Greensboro from Charlotte.

14 JUL 73

Harlan H. Hanson (ND ANG)
P injured


1/163 CAV (MT ARNG)
News Article
A/C crashed into the Yellowstone River bank about 3 miles W of Columbus at approx 2000 hours after striking power lines.

15 MAY 73

1LT Bruce M. Donnelly [P]



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]

A/C crashed and burned on Mt. Toro between Monterey and Salinas while on a routine training flight.

24 APR 73

WO1 Joseph A. Nosky [P]
WO1 William A. Shonk [CP]
SP4 John M. Holmes Jr [CE]


D/2/1 CAV
Mid-air with a UH-1H over Ft. Hood near Anderson Mountain during Operation Gallant Hand '73 caused by a blinding rainstorm. [UH-1H Involved]

22 FEB 73

WO1 Barnett Maisel [P]
CPT Thomas E. Karstens
CPT Victor N. Stitzel


[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C hit several trees, rolled into a ravine and caught fire about 10 mi N of Uijongbu. 2 boys (12 and 19) were killed on the ground and 4 more were injured.

07 DEC 72

CW2 Richard A. Steiner [P]


News Article
A/C crashed and exploded in the Vogelsburg Mountain area near Schotten, approx 36 mi NE of Frankfurt during exercise Caravan I after hitting the tops of trees up to 45 ft tall.

28 NOV 72

CW2 Charles M. Covert [P]
SP5 Fred L. Smith [C]


[Need Tail#]

A/C crashed in a mountainous area near Chonan after leaving Osan AB enroute to base at Taegu.

19 OCT 72

CW2 Stephen C. Schlag [P]
SP4 James D. Porter [CE]


[Need Tail#]

One of 3 A/C carrying personnel on a recruiting mission to Enid, Oklahoma. A/C crashed at approx 1400 hours just north of Guadalupe Pass after encountering bad weather.

06 APR 72

CPT Norbert W. Kirk Jr [P]
1 injured



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]

Mid-air practicing for the start up of the Army Aviation Demonstration Team. Pilot of other A/C was pulled out by ground person.

21 AUG 71

CPT James C. Osborn [P]
2 injured


D/3/7 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed at the Wildflecken training area during a routine training mission. The tail hit a tree forcing the craft into a power line.

12 AUG 71

CPT David L. Hoerler [IP]
1LT George E. Fisher


[Need A/C Unit]
Tail boom separated and A/C fell into woods while taking the transition course at Ft Rucker.

10 AUG 71

CW2 Nicholas H. Damon [P]
SP5 Clarence E. Miller



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]
News Article
A/C crashed just south of North Nolan Road on Ft. Hood during a training mission. Miller died 28AUG71 of burn injuries received in crash.

21 APR 71

WO1 Robert M. Healy [P]



[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed near Chunchon while on a regular operational mission reportedly due to wire strike.

25 MAR 71

WO1 Robert A. Lindsay [P]
CPT Quentin G. Tate
1 injured


D/2/1 CAV
A/C crashed 500 meters from the western boundary of Ft. Hood near Rogers Mill Ranch after hitting a tree during low level flight.

08 OCT 70

WO1 Frank L. Mathias [P]
CPT Kenneth M. Cox


55 AVN
[Need Tail#]

A/C crashed and exploded near Chuncheon while on a routine administrative flight from K-16 to Camp Page.

09 APR 70

CW2 Stephen F. Hulverson [P]
PFC Paul B. Upshaw [CE]


D/2/4 CAV
[Need Tail#]
A/C struck a power line and crashed at the Hohenfels Army training center during a routine training mission.


Howard Apt [IP]



[Need A/C Unit]
[Need Tail#]
Mid-air at Lawson AAF.

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