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Photo taken June 1989 at Fort Hood AAF

176th Aviation Company 2nd Armored DivisionE Co 4/3 AVN RGT 6th Cavalry Regiment






Army Service Ribbon



Aircraft Crewman Badge



Army Achievement Medal (1st)



Army Achievement Medal (2nd)



Army Good Conduct Medal



Army Achievement Medal (3rd)



Army Commendation Medal



National Defense Service Medal



Sharpshooter Badge Rifle



Sharpshooter Badge Pistol



Cold War Victory Medal

Other Unit Awards



Boss Hogg Competition - 1st Place

March 1989


Crew Chief of the Month

Other Pictures from Ft. Hood (more unit photos)

Echo Whoppers Cartoons

Some of you may remember me drawing some cartoons based on our trip to Reforger '90 and the Gulf War time frame. I have scanned a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Click here to view them.

If anyone has photos from the unit,
especially Gallant Knight/Eagle '88, NTC '88 or Reforger '90, please contact me at info@armyaircrews.com.

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176th Aviation Co - Ft. Hood Texas - 26AUG87

Troop insertion mission circa 1989

Ft. Hood circa 1989

E Co Flight Line at Hood AAF

Hovering at landing strip at West Ft. Hood

E Co 4/3 AVN REGT, 2nd AD (176th AVN)

Photo taken June 1989 at Fort Hood AAF in front of UH-1H #69-16704
(Back L-R): SPC Kevin Allen, SPC Cedric Morris, SPC Brad Smelser
(Front L-R): SPC Benjamin Bahoque, SGT Tony Cory, PFC Marty Lange

176th Aviation Company
E Company, 4th Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Armored Division

Crew Chiefs - Flight Platoons/Phase Maintenance

Pilots - IPs/SIPs/MTPs

  • Kevin M. Allen (TX)
  • Benjamin S. Bahoque (FL) {contact}
  • Baker
  • Brian K. Banner (NC) {contact}
  • Stephen C. Barthle (FL) {contact}
  • Brad L. Carmichael {contact}
  • Bradley G. Churchill (CA) {contact}
  • Connally
  • Joseph A. Dingus {contact}
  • Joseph C. Edwards (TX) {contact}
  • Roel Garcia (TX) {contact}
  • Eric R. Hall
  • David W. Herbeck (TX)
  • Timothy Horn
  • Richard A. Howard (TX) {contact}
  • Kevin L. Jenkins* {Deceased}
  • Chris T. Jones (AZ) {contact}
  • Ed Kalfas {contact}
  • Ray Kelly {contact}
  • Trent King (IN) {contact}
  • Chris Lane (TX)
  • Martin E. Lange {contact}
  • James LeClair
  • Lawrence Lund (IL)
  • David P. Mahoney (NY)
  • U. Scott Marshall (OK) {contact}
  • Joel L. Meints* (NE) {Deceased} {brother contact}
  • Cedric C. Morris (GA) {contact}
  • Robert O'Dell
  • Jessie Peters Jr {contact}
  • Michael D. Peters (FL) {contact}
  • Todd K. Pettingill (ID) {contact}
  • Daniel Rachell (MO) {contact}
  • Rivas (CA)
  • Brad L. Smelser (CT)
  • Daryl L. Snell (MT) {contact}
  • Paul Tavera {contact}
  • Charles W. Teague (TX) {Deceased}
  • Martin J. Thompson (MI) {contact}
  • Joseph H. Walkup {contact}
  • Rick Ward (TN) {contact}
  • Joe Warren (OK) {contact}
  • David K. Wessel (IL)
  • Gregory M. Wheeler {contact}
  • Curtis Woods
  • Burton J. Ziegler (CA)
  • Steven M. Zesiger (CA)

TI's & PLT SGT's

  • SGT Atencio
  • SGT Barry
  • SSG Steven Becker - TI
  • SGT Tony Cory (FL) {contact}
  • SSG Craig - TI
  • SSG Ismael DeLuna - TI (Flt Plt)
  • SFC Griffin - TI
  • SSG Douglas H. Kelley {contact}
  • SSG Francisco Lopez (TX)
  • SSG Vincent McFarlane
  • SFC Tom Newby (TX) - TI (Flt Plt)
  • SFC John Newland - TI
  • SFC Ronald W. Schrock (Flt Plt) {contact}
  • SSG Serrano
  • SSG Rebecca Storey (AK) - TI
  • Arenas (LT)
  • Ron Barkley (LT)
  • Julio R. Barron (CPT) CO
  • Bean (CWO)
  • Beebe (CWO)
  • William Beecher (CWO)
  • Glenn Birmingham (CW4) MTP
  • Bruce Blackstone (CWO) {contact}
  • Ron Blue (LT) {contact}
  • Stan Buck (CWO) {contact}
  • Burrel (LT)
  • Laura Riley (Casper) (CWO) {contact}
  • Mike Clegg (CWO)
  • Dave Collins {contact}
  • Tony Collins (CW4)
  • Jim Cook (CWO) {contact}
  • Ted C. Cranford (CPT) CO {contact}
  • John S. DeFranco (CWO) {contact}
  • Chris J. Denholm (CWO)
  • Dillon (CW4)
  • Terrance Dolan (CPT) {contact}
  • John Dowling (CWO)
  • Kevin Dyer (LT)
  • Rex Finley (CWO)
  • Mark Fluitt (CWO) {contact}
  • Rich Fredricksen (LT)
  • Lance Freeman (LT) {contact}
  • David A. Guerin (CWO)
  • Cynthia Hefty (LT)
  • John Kinsaul (CWO)
  • Jack Lancaster (1LT) {contact}
  • Jerry Lively (CW2)
  • Mark Meyer (CWO) {contact}
  • Grover W. Merritt (CPT) CO
  • James N. Messinger (CW4)
  • Jim Mitchell (LT) {contact}
  • Pete Morrissey (LT)
  • Luis Navarro (LT)
  • Jeffrey K. Opperman (1LT) {contact}
  • Steve Poirier (1LT)
  • Scott Prescott (CWO)
  • Purdue (LT)
  • Jesus Quintanilla (CWO) {contact}
  • Brian Riley (CWO) {contact}
  • Bill Rosser (CWO)
  • Seefeldt (LT)
  • Ralph Shaw (LTC)
  • Steve Shaw (CWO) {contact}
  • John C. Shaw Jr (COL) BDE CDR
  • Lonnie Smith (CWO)
  • Stegmeyer (CWO) MTP {contact}
  • Stewart (CWO)
  • Dave Stokes
  • Story (LT)
  • Jay Strine (CWO)
  • Scott Taylor (CWO) MTP {contact}
  • Tolman (CWO)
  • Terry L. Umfleet (CWO) {contact}
  • Wesley E. Weidner (CWO) {contact}
  • Wyer (CWO)
  • Francis X. Young (CWO)
  • Terry Young (CWO)

Unit UH-1H Tail Nos. (Partial List)

#65-10126 (NASM)
#71-20222 (AMCOM/Dynacorp) or #68-15561 (AMARC)
#64-13560 or #72-21560 (AMCOM/Dynacorp)
#64-13586 or #69-15586
#69-16704 (Temple)
#64-13810 or #66-0810 (AMARC) or #73-21810
#64-13855 (FBI)
#66-0903 or #69-15903
#66-16949 (Northwest Helicopters, Inc.)

Other Platoons
{contact} - Please email me if you want their email address.

Daniel Alcorn
Kevin Boese (IA) {contact}
SGT Paolo Pike
Reginald Simmons (FL) {contact}

Debby Gabler (FL) {contact}
Raquel Villareal McKay (TX) {contact}
Tim Turner (TX)

Jose Esparra {contact}
Richard Hewitt (MI)
CW3 William M. Sidle {Deceased}

PFC Charles Bowen {contact}
PV2 John Baker
PV2 James Covey
Johnny Cheatwood {contact}
PV2 Davis
SSG Haigler
PFC Hatton
PV2 Mary Heron
SP4 Horn
PFC Jamison
SSG Jenkins
SP4 King
PFC Bill Larue {contact}
Don Mouser {contact}
PFC Nelson Rivas {contact}
SP4 Sage
PFC Gary Stalter (TX) {contact}
PFC Mark Stinson {contact}
PFC Glenn Tanner
PFC Iris Ware (POL) {contact}
PFC Jo Ann Wheeler (MD) {contact}

Kevin Bennett
Waldo Geiken (KS) {Deceased}
Leija {UH-60 Pilot}
"Speedy" Servantes

SP4 Anderson
SGT Bolden
SP4 Ronald Chambell Jr {contact}
Steven DeChane
1SG Robert J. Felan (TX) - 1SG {contact}
SGT Garrett
Gulley - Armorer
Marcus Lanier
PFC Ling
James Martinez
SP4 Denise Mason (VA) {contact}
SGT Vincent McFarlane
SP4 Nichols
SGT Jerome Norris {contact}
PFC Pangelian
PFC Perry
PFC Villarreal

Utility Helicopter Repair School
Fort Rucker, Alabama

CLASS 87-8 67N
21 NOV 86 - 26 FEB 87

Kevin M. Allen
Steven M. Almeida
John D. Blake
John D. Blozik {contact}
Robert C. Chiusano
David L. Clifton
Daniel Drisckell Jr.
Reid W. Everett
David J. Gunderson
Kitchener L. Harding {contact}
Michael J. Hassman
James L. Klatt
Steven P. Lindberg
William E. Lovett III
Roger A. Merrill
Eric J. Mutersbaugh
Michael N. Quia
Marshall L. Silva
Lawrence A. Shorback Jr.
Steven M. Small {contact}
John Terjelian
Robert M. Vetscher
Shawn E. Wallenfelsz
Barry C. Walters

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