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CH-47 Vietnam War Losses







16 FEB 73

SP5 James L. Scroggins [FE]
3 crewmembers injured

Binh Long Province

164 CAG
A/C was on a supply mission for the peacekeeping forces following the signing of the cease-fire. A/C took SA fire and crash-landed in flames. Scroggins was thrown into the fire and rescued by one of the pilots, but died 7 days later in Okinawa due to complications from injuries.

31 OCT 72

CPT Steven D. Howard [AC]
CW2 Ronald L. Vanlandingham [CP]
SP5 David E. Wischemann [FE]
SP4 Richard B. Freeman [CE]
SP4 Timothy A. Thomas [G]
SP4 Raymond L. Goodchild
SP4 James D. Brown
SP4 Louis O. Calderon
SP4 Roger R. Chambliss
SP4 Milton C. Hunter
SP4 Charles L. Stewart Jr
SP4 Delbert R. Wood

Dinh Tuong Province

18 CAC
A/C shot down by SA-7 missle.

24 MAY 72

W01 James A. Barefield [AC]
CPT Harry L. Thain [CP]
SP6 Frank A. Newman [CE]
PFC David L. Brooks Jr [G]
SP5 Charles W. Gaches [G]

Quang Tri

178 ASHC
A/C hit by 60mm mortars while on short final to an ARVN radar site near Quang Tri.

18 MAY 72

CPT Clyde C. Love [P]

Kien Giang Province

180 ASHC
Pilot was hit in the head by 37mm going into Gravel Pit LZ while giving an in-country check ride.

10 MAY 72

1LT Samuel Harrell [P]
CPT Barry C. Tomlin [P]
SP4 Alvin R. Elenburg [CE]
SP4 Terry D. Neiss [G]
SP5 Larry S. Mustin [C]
SGT Mike J. Aguilar
SP4 Oscar Aguilar
SGT William A. Boatright
PFC Steven E. Bowersock
SGT Edward D. Burnett
PFC Clint E. Carr
SP4 Dennis G. Dunning
SP4 David C. Flores
SGT Dieter K. Freitag
PVT James D. Groves
PFC Dale L.. Hayes
SP4 William F. Henaghan
SP4 Frank T. Henson
SP4 Donald E. Howell
SP4 Freddie Jackson
SGT James C. Jensen
SP4 Thomas A. Lahner
PFC David A. Lydic
SP4 Gary R. Monteleone
PFC Dean A. Phillips
PVT Jackie Ray
SP4 Richard Ridgeway
PVT Efrain Rivera-Agosto
CPT Kenneth Rosenberg
PFC John T. Sablan
SP4 Clarence L. Saulsberry Jr
SP4 Raymond J. Shiko
SP4 David W. Sulser
PFC Thomas E. Wood

Bien Hoa

362 ASHC
A/C was enroute from Bien Hoa to Vung Tau at 1023 hours with a load of troops for the R&R Center. A/C requested clearance and were at approx 2000' heading north to south. Another acft reported crash NE of airfield at 1025 hours. Rotor blade spar split in forward blade. Cause of the accident was the seperation, in flight, of the aft yellow blade due to metal fatigue.

28 NOV 71

CW2 Jerald W. Carter [AC]
CW2 Joseph J. Savick Jr [CP]
SGT Michael A. Crawford [CE]
PFC Willie J. Oaks [G]
SP4 Raymond A. Trujillo [C]
SP4 Joseph A. Aubain
PFC Vincent Bernal
SP5 Ronald D. Carleton
SP5 Billy R. Coffey
SSG Howard L. Colbaugh
SP6 Will R. Dantzler
SP4 Richard E. Garretson
PFC John H. Hare
SP4 Joel S. Ivey
SGT Terry G. Kugler
1LT Robert J. Ladensack
SP4 Archie T. Lucy
PFC George P. Martin
SP4 Alphonza Mason
CPL Michael O. Maybee
SGT Robert D. Maynard
PFC Steven J. McDonald
CPT Martin K. Niskanen
SSG Daniel E. Nye
SP4 James E. Palmer
SP4 Oscar Paulley
SP4 Brinsley B. Ramos
SP5 Roy K. Stewart
SP4 Ronald K. Sweetland
SP4 William D. Thompson
SSG Carl L. Thornton
PFC Gary D. Wilson
SP5 John E. Windfelder
PFC Robert L. Wynn

Thua Thien Province

C/159 ASHB
A/C was on an admin troop move, leaving from LZ 401 and proceed to Corregidor. A/C departed at 1310 hours after being delayed by bad weather. At 1328 hours A/C declared emergency and was later found in a creek bed approx 650' up the side of a mountain. It had hit a 50 degree slope with great impact causing the fuel cells to rupture and a flash fire resulted. Investigation determined A/C had taken a single hit, creating spalling and causing in flight breakup and subsequent crash.

26 OCT 71

CW2 Leonard G. Maquiling [AC]
WO1 Albert R. Trudeau [PI]
SP5 Michael Lautzenheiser [FE]
SP4 Mickey E. Eveland [CE]
PFC Thomas F. Green [G]
SGT Edward L. Himes
SSG Rufus P. Falkner Jr
SSG Sanford I. Finger
SP5 Robert A. Nickol
1SG James C. Skinner

Khanh Hoa

A/C was an a resupply mission from Camp Holloway, made several stops and departed Tuy Hoa at 1350 hrs enroute to Cam Ranh Bay. Near Nha Trang it was observed to fly into a heavy rain shower and disappeared. SAR was initiated at 1555 hrs with no success. Debris from A/C washed ashore on Hon Tre Island the next day with indications that it struck the water at high speed. SAR recovered 4 bodies and 6 were never recovered.

18 SEP 71

SP4 Kenneth L. Jones [CE]
SP5 Gerald V. Van Winkle [C]


C/159 ASHB
Killed at Mai Loc, when they accidentally detonated a mechanical ambush on the last day of Lam Son 810.

31 MAY 71

SP5 Steven J. Kearns [FE]
ROK Liason NCO
4 injured

Phu Yen Province

243 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was was preparing for a resupply mission including sling load of fuel. During takeoff at approx 100' and 20-30 KIAS, the #2 engine failed causing rotor RPM to drop. Sling load was dropped at approx 30'. A/C lurched forward and assumed nose high attitude, struck a 9' sand berm with left aft gear, aft rotor system contact 2 fence posts causing sections of aft blades to separate. Aft section became airborne and pivoted around forward rotor system, fuselage impacted vertically on right side detonating claymore mine and 2 trip flares causing fire. Other crewmembers exited A/C except for FE and ROK NCO who were thrown toward aft section.

04 APR 71

SP4 Benny E. Hart

Gia Dinh

242 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
During an unauthorized flight, lost control and crashed inverted.

02 APR 71

CW2 James R. Meade [AC]
4 injured

Phu Yen Province

180 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Died from explosion and fire when taxiing Chinook experienced a blade strike with a revetment and was totally destroyed.

05 MAR 71

CPT Barry M. Straw [P]
CPT Ralph L. Ward [P]
SP5 Richard S. Dennison [C]
SP5 Gary G. Prentice [CE]
SP4 Edward L. Rayburn [G]
L C Ho (ROK)

Binh Dinh Province

180 ASHC
A/C was struck in the left rear quarter by a Korean O-1D while approaching Lane Army Airfield. The impact knocked the port engine free of the fuselage and ruptured a fuel tank, caught fire and began to disintegrate in flight. By ground impact the aft pylon had separated entirely and the main body of the fuselage impacted nose-low, at which time the rear ramp portion of the fuselage separated while the forward fuselage section slid downhill, breaking into two pieces before it came to rest. The entire aircraft was destroyed by fire.

15 FEB 71

CW2 William D. Sapp [P]
CPT Gerald P. Wick [P]
SFC Yoshio Takehara [CE]
CPL Larry F. Ott [G]
SP6 Richard N. Bruso [C]

Thua Thien Province

A/159 ASHB
During maintenance test flight A/C went IFR and crashed minutes later in a nose-low, almost inverted position.

15 FEB 71

2LT James H. Taylor [AC]
CW2 Marvin M. Leonard [P]
SP4 John L. Powers [FE]
SP4 Donald E. Crone [CE]
SP4 Willis C. Crear [G]
WO1 Barry F. Fivelson [PP]


C/159 ASHB
A/C was ferrying a load of gasoline into Laos when it was hit by enemy fire and began to lose altitude. While descending, the sling load apparently exploded, causing A/C to explode, break into pieces and crash. Ground observation stated that the A/C seemed disoriented as it overflew friendly location by several miles and descended in enemy-held territory about 10 mi SE of Sepone.

06 FEB 71

CPT David L. Alexander [P]
CPT Michael J. Kerl [P]
SP5 Ambers A. Hamilton [FE]
SP4 Curtis L. Williams [CE]
SP5 Robert J. Rogers [G]
CPT Richard A. Aaron [FS]

Quang Tin Province

178 AHSC
On short final to LZ Siberia when the bolt through the pilot valve broke in the aft rotor head, causing the A/C to pitch up and crash on top of water buffalo it was delivering to LZ.

30 JAN 71

CW2 Ronald N. Jasinski [P]
SP4 Allen C. Ell [CE]
CPL James P. Duncan [G]
2 injured

Phu Yen Province

180 ASHC
During sling load mission in the early morning, A/C's sling load struck mountain followed by the A/C rolling on its right side.

16 SEP 70

SP4 James R. Bodish [FE]
4 injured

Tay Ninh Province

213 ASHC
A/C was on a routine combat resupply mission with cement sling load. At approx 1000' AGL, A/C leveled off and began shallow right turn. A muffled explosion was heard from the right rear and flames were immediately observed inside A/C. Sling load was dropped as an emergency descent was initiated. During flare, control was lost and A/C assumed an extreme nose high attitude. A/C consumed by fire.

12 SEP 70

WO1 Leonard J. Kowalski Jr [P]
MAJ Charles V. Lang [P]
SGT Stephen C. Naher [FE]
SP4 Devon M. Enman [CE]
CPL Luther A. Genes [G]

Long Khanh Province

B/228 ASHB
Bolt came out of pitch axis SAS link. Descended to 500 ft & rolled inverted while carrying 4 empty conexes from Song Be to Ben Hoa.

26 AUG 70

CW2 Daniel W. York [P]
SP4 George E. Tefft [C]
SP4 Joel C. York [C]
PFC Hima D. McDougall Jr [G]
SP4 William Anderson Jr
SP4 Stuart L. Barnett
SP4 Dennis G. Batesel
PFC Theodore F. Bedra
PFC Paul E. Bridgett
PFC Wesley O. Cody
SGT Onnie D. Duncan
SP4 Curtiss Estridge
PFC Florentino Flores
SP4 Isiah C. Garnett
SP4 James M. Ginn
PFC Thomas S. Hickman
1SG Albert L. Johnson
SGT Fred C. Kraemer
PFC Curtis J. Manring
PFC Ruben Martinez-Zayas
SGT Robert P. McMaster
PFC Michael L. Morgan
SP4 Dwight P. O'Brien
PFC John L. Piersol Jr
SP4 David P. Reese
SP4 David E. Rose
SP4 Lee E. Salters
SP4 Hector M. Sandoval
SP4 William D. Thorpe
PFC Charles G. Wehrheim
PVT John W. Widdows
P injured

Quang Tin Province

178 ASHC
A/C was hit by enemy fire while on final approach, onboard explosion caused A/C to crash tail first into the trees and burn. The internal load of 105mm ammo began exploding.

18 JUL 70

SGT Michael A. Walker [C]
4 injured

Thua Thien Province

A/159 AVN
#68-15810 (YD331198)
Hit by hostile fire while repositioning with load of 105 ammo at FSB Ripcord and aft section caught fire, landed and rolled on one side and burned.

10 JUL 70

SP4 Ross E. Bedient [FE]
SP4 David P. Schultz [G]
SFC Thomas A. Campbell
SP4 Dennis K. Martin
SGT Robert L. Oldham
SGT Carey J. Pratt
SP4 Michael P. Vullo
13 injured

Tay Ninh

242 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Hit by RPG while at a 50 foot hover separating the cockpit.

17 MAY 70

CW2 George C. Schultz Jr [AC]
WO1 Phillip F. Arnold [AC]
SP4 David W. Smith [CE]
SSG Sammie E. Alexander [C]
SGT Roy A. Petty Jr [C]

Quang Tri

B/159 ASHC
Received many rounds, one thru forward transmission sump; possible hydraulic failure.

05 MAY 70

WO1 George A. Mason [P]
WO1 Richard L. Van De Warker [P]
SP4 Gary W. Brown [C]
SP4 Larry D. Buffington [C]
PFC Steven E. Wasson [C]

Thua Thien

B/159 ASHC
Hit by 37mm anti aircraft round while flying with sling load at approx 1100 hours near FSB O'Rielly. Caught fire and crashed nose down.

13 APR 70

SP4 Robert L. Pendergast [G]
SP4 Stephen M. Kenoffel*
5 injured


B/159 ASHB
A/C was shot down in combat while on approach to Fire Support Base (FSB) Fuller in the DMZ.
*Died 02 APR 70 of burn injuries.

09 APR 70

SGT David P. Evans [C]


B/159 ASHB
A/C sustained twelve hits from small caliber weapon killing the CE and damaging hydraulic and fuel systems.

27 MAR 70

SP4 Billy J. Hartsfield [G]

Quang Tin Province

178 ASHC
Killed when the front blade hit him in the temple and was knocked off the A/C while trying to fix transmission leak.

17 MAR 70

CW2 Truman D. Norris [P]
WO1 Mark A. Whikehart [P]
SSG Erwin R. Schmeling [CE]
CPL Douglas G. Howes [G]
SP5 Hugh Clower Jr

Quang Ngai Province

132 ASHC
A/C was performing resupply missions and was enroute to Tra Bong and Ha Thanh. At approx 1205 hours the A/C was seen disintegrating in an area about 2.5 km NW of FSB Stinson (BS538824).

09 MAR 70

WO1 John L. Fortner [AC]
WO1 Terrance W. Anderson [CP]
SP4 George A. Bamford [CE]
SP4 Keith H. Reitz [CE]
SP4 Phillip L. Clark [G]


C/228 ASHC
A/C had been hauling 14 to 15,000 lbs sling loads. A/C went inverted and crashed near Quan Loi of possible hydraulic failure.

10 DEC 69

SP5 Ronald F. Keener [FE]
2 injured


243 ASHC
FE was struck by a rotor blade in the crash sequence that began with a dual SAS hard over.

31 OCT 69

CW3 Paul R. Getz [AC]
5 injured

Bien Hoa Province

A/228 ASHB
Dual hydraulic failure. A/C crashed into a ravine in a relatively flat attitude. Upon impact the A/C caught fire in the area of the engines and combining transmission.

05 OCT 69

SP5 Walter Bartasch [FE]

Tay Ninh Province

C/228 ASHB
A/C was flying in the vicinity of Nui Ba Din when they received one .50 caliber round striking the FE.

16 SEP 69

CW2 Arthur C. Faircloth [AC]
CW2 Thomas R. Poundstone [CP]
SP5 Allen Cain [FE]
SGT Larry G. Moothart [CE]
SP4 James M. Floyd [G]

Binh Dinh Province

180 ASHC
A/C was hauling a 105 Howitzer to LZ when it encountered bad weather. Personnel on ground at LZ saw A/C pass overhead, turned NE in a descending right hand turn. At approx 250m from intended PZ, sling load was released and then crashed and burned.

03 SEP 69

CW3 Dean R. Lange [AC]

Phuoc Long Province

C/228 AVN
While hovering to extract ARVNs, died instantly when the warhead of an unexploded B-40 rocket passed through his upper body.

30 AUG 69

CW2 Marvin J. Butterfield [P]
CW2 Robert V. Gray [P]
SP5 James F. Mott [FE]
SGT Gregory N. Trimnal [CE]
SP4 Scott M. Verner [G]

Bien Hoa

205 ASHC
A/C was on a sling load mission to FSB Diggers Rest (AUS). A/C was at approx 200' altitude on approach to LZ when it appeared to flare, dropping its tail slightly, continued on over into a near inverted position and crashed, caught fire and exploded.

22 AUG 69

1LT Curtis P. Challberg [P]
WO1 Barrett C. Brown [CP]
SP5 Michael T. Boat [FE]
SP5 Arthur H. Johnson [CE]
SP4 Robert L. Ketelaar [G]
SP4 Moses I. Kuahiwinui Jr [G]

Binh Long Province

213 ASHC
During a routine A/C recovery of a USAF O-1E Birddog as a sling load, the O-1E oscillated upwards into the A/C's rear rotor causing an inverted dive and crash.

02 AUG 69

CW2 Albert A. Vaquera [AC]
WO1 Thomas L. Dives Jr [CP]
SP4 Thomas K. Ryan [CE]
SP4 James S. Stacey [CE]
SP4 Daniel A. Irelan [G]

Quang Nam Province

C/159 ASHB
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was being flown on a logistical support mission and was climbing through approx 3000' altitude when it was struck from the left rear by a USAF O-2A that was in process of making a left turn. Both acft partially disintegrated in mid-air and fell to the ground.

16 JUL 69

2LT Jack L. Price [P]
CW2 Kenneth M. Willis [CP]
SP5 Elwin E. Singleton [FE]
SP4 Arthur R. Allison [CE]
SP4 Darrell V. Hurt [G]
SP4 Ronald A. Hoff [C]
SP4 Johnny L. Kidd [C]

Binh Dinh Province

196 ASHC
While on a test flight on approach to Lane Army Heliport did a backward loop, crashed nose down and burned.

06 MAY 69

SP5 Allen W. Allums [FE]
CPT Irenardo F. Padron
28 ARVN PAX killed
9 injured


205 ASHC
A/C crashed near Song Be loaded with ARVNs. The A/C may have experienced an engine failure, either or both, after clearing the PZ and crashed downhill. The crew exited safely but the FE returned to try to rescue the passengers.

18 APR 69

CW2 Thomas A. Davis [P]
CW2 Harold L. Eckert Jr [AC]
SP4 Robert J. Nevel [FE]
SP4 John B. Combs [CE]
SP4 John C. Shellum [G]

Thua Thien Province

A/159 ASHB
On a resupply mission near LZ Thor when A/C took .30 caliber hits and an RPG in the left main fuel cell. The A/C lost rotor RPM and started to settle in. #2 engine was not able to recover and the RPM dropped below stability level, then the blades folded - again from low RPM. The A/C fell the last 30-50' and rolled into a ravine full of Punji stakes.

02 APR 69

WO1 Lowell S. Powers [CP]
23 ARVN killed
26 PAX injured

Quang Tri

A/159 ASHB
A/C lost power, touching down on the side of a ravine. It then rolled to the bottom of the ravine, coming to rest on its left side and exploded.

22 MAR 69

SP5 Robert C. Tedford [C]
SP4 Richard W. Goden
SP4 Clarence H. Boolin
SP4 Leonardo Rios-Velazquez Jr
SP4 Charles D. Howell
SGT David C. Vallance
SP4 Terry L. Staman
14 injured


178 ASHC
A/C lost power on its final approach to the LZ, turned parallel to the hillside and the left aft gear struck the side of the hill. A/C slid down the hill and overturned landing on its top, burst into flames and was destroyed in less than ten minutes.

24 FEB 69

SP5 Harold S. Lewis [FE]
SP4 Roy H. Davis [CE]
3 injured


179 ASHC
During sling mission the A/C nose turned left and dropped slightly, then continued into an uncontrollable nose-low flat spin, impacting about 300 feet distant from the pad. The aft fuselage impacted first and the nose shortly afterwards. The upper portion of the fuselage collapsed, severing fuel, hydraulic, and oil lines. The impact of the lower fuselage on the sling load apparently ruptured both aft fuel cells. Fire spread rapidly toward the nose of the aircraft, hampering rescue efforts.

17 JAN 69

SP4 Rufus W. Hodges [C]

Phuoc Tuy Province

147 ASHC
Struck by forward rotor blade while performing maintenance at night.

04 NOV 68

SP5 Otis R. Simpson [FE]


B/228 CAV
A/C was level at 2500’ when the #2 engine fire warning light illuminated. A/C autorotated to minimize decent time. At 250' the #1 engine began to fail and A/C struck the ground with only slight forward speed. The aft rotor blades flexed down and chopped into the fuselage and the acft was engulfed in flames.

22 OCT 68

SP5 Jack A. Corn [FE]
5 injured


205 ASHC
While recovering a downed UH-1, A/C was struck by two RPGs.

20 OCT 68

CW3 Charles E. Deitsch [AC]
WO1 Henry C. Knight [P]
SP5 Jerry G. Bridges [FE]
SP5 Charles H. Meldahl [CE]
SP4 Ronald V. Stanton [G]

Khanh Hoa Province

243 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed in IFR conditions on a heavily forested and steeply sloping moutainside. Wreckage not found until 1994.

09 OCT 68



179 ASHC
A/C hit by enemy fire while taking off and crashed in wooded area causing 4500 pound internal load of ammo to explode.

05 OCT 68

SP4 David W. Wilson [FE]
CPL Alex L. Mitchell [G]


179 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C blades intermeshed during take-off, hit tail low, rolled inverted and caught fire.

03 OCT 68

WO1 Ronald L. Conroy [P]
CW2 Thomas E. Johnson [AC]
SP4 Larry L. Costley [FE]
SP4 Dennis D. Reese [CE]
SP5 Jerry L. Pierce Jr [G]
SFC Dawson Clement
PFC John W. Lucier
SP4 Michael D. See
SSG Charles J. Wallace
SSG William R. Young

Thua Thien Province

A/228 CSAB
C-7A taking off from field collided with A/C. Both A/C converged at an altitude of approx 1100' and 40 deg angle. Cockpit of C7-A contacted rear rotor, slicing through the cockpit of plane. Plane made a steep descending right turn and struck ground on a heading of 340 deg. CH-47 lost all of its rear M/R blades, cutting into fuselage before separation, fuselage impacted ground on a heading of 120 deg and landed on its right side in a nose high attitude and exploded.

15 SEP 68

CW3 Frank W. Cross [P]
SP4 Larry C. Higginson [CE]
SP4 George F. Keiper [CE]

Thua Thien Province

A/228 ASHB
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
During maintenance run-up, rear rotor system malfunctioned, A/C forced into a row of conex containers and exploded.

23 JUL 68

CW2 Thomas W. Duer [P]
WO1 Randy R. Wernig [AC]
SP5 Danny E. Deese [FE]
SP5 Donald W. Seidel [CE]
SP4 Harry M. Mather [G]
CPT David G. Mitchell
PVT Richard L. Rousseau

Hau Nghia

242 ASHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was cleared for approach and landing at Cu Chi east POL. At approx 150-200' altitude, front rotor was observed to be turning slightly less than normal and aft rotors appeared to stop. Aft pylon was seen separating from fuselage, pylon rolled to right and fell to ground. Main fuselage turned approx 120 deg left and struck ground tail low and caught fire.

16 JUL 68

1LT John W. Simpson Jr [P]

Dinh Tuong Province

271 ASHC
While refueling at Dong Tam, the forward transmission seized and killed pilot as it departed the A/C.

01 JUL 68

1LT William B. Eoff Jr [P]
WO1 Geddes C. Boyter Jr [P]
SP4 Robert L. Puls [FE]
SP4 Morris E. Ostrander [CE]
SP4 Richard F. Burnham Jr [G]

Kontum Province

178 ASHC
Mid-air collision when A/C descended on top of a gunship UH-1C #66-740.

19 JUN 68

SP6 Gerald A. Phillips [CE]

Binh Dinh Province

178 ASHC
A/C lost to a taxi accident when its blades struck another CH47 on the 178 ASHC flight line.

11 JUN 68

WO1 Larry D. Carlisle [P]

Quang Tri Province

A/228 ASHB
Hit in chest with an AK-47 round while on short final to LZ Sharon. Died instantly.

24 MAY 68

CW3 Hu B. Rhodes [AC]

Thua Thien Province

200 ASHC
Was killed by small arms fire while giving AC check ride on a mission recovering VC equipment west of Bastogne.

26 APR 68

CW2 Robert L. Brown [P]
CW4 Dale A. Crull [P]
SP4 Jess W. Creason Jr [CE]
SP6 Anjelo J. Aprilliano [C]
SP5 William C. DeWeese
PFC Wilfred Draper
SFC Eddie L. Miller
PFC Fred A. Miller
SP5 Michael P. Stiles
SSG Larry A. Winchester

Phuoc Tuy Province

179 ASHC
After replacing two engine gear boxes to xmsn drive shafts and reinspecting, the A/C departed on the flight. It was observed to explode and fall to the ground burning. The rotor blades became desynchronized due to lack of lubrication in the combining xmsn.

25 APR 68

SP5 Bolen P. McGee [FE]
CPL Linden D. Eiler Jr [G]
PFC Kenneth H. Delp [G]
PFC Jerry D. McManus [G]


C/228 ASHB
A/C was sent out for a sling recovery of a downed UH-1. The A/C was shot down while hovering over the Huey, crashed, and burned in a ravine NE of A Shau Valley.

24 APR 68

PFC David J. Caballero [C]


A/228 ASHB
Crewman killed during a Tactical Emergency mission into the A Shau Valley.

19 APR 68

SP5 William R. Dennis [FE]
SSG Jesus A. Gonzales [CE]
SSG Douglas R. Blodgett [G]
AC & P rescued

Quang Tri Province

A/228 AVN
A/C crashed after receiving small arms fire from the ground and crashed at LZ Tiger.

19 APR 68

SFC Anthony F. Housh [FE]
SFC Michael J. Wallace [CE]

Quang Tri

B/228 AVN
A/C was on a resupply mission and while on initial approach into LZ Tiger the acft was hit by .50 cal and 37mm ground fire. Emergency autorotation began and pilot tried to jettison external load. Rear of ship was on fire and A/C was becoming uncontrollable. FE & CE jumped out while at 50-100'.

02 APR 68

SP5 Gene J. Howard [CE]

Thua Thien Province

200 ASHC
Killed by SA fire.

03 MAR 68

SP4 M. Raymond Reeves [G]

Quang Tri Province

C/228 ASHB
Killed by SA fire.

26 DEC 67

SP4 William H. Campbell III [FE]
CPT Michael E. Berdy
SSG Allen Ford
SP4 Barry S. Kyle
1LT Daryl L. Ligons
CPL James L. Russ Jr
1LT Thomas M. Van Zandt
SGT Stephen M. Vuga
25 injured

Binh Dinh Province

C/228 CAV
The aft rotor assy left A/C while terminating an approach for landing then the fwd rotor system also left the acft. A/C came to rest upright and two small fires were extinguished.

01 NOV 67

SP4 Louis E. Armstead [CE]
SP4 Karl F. Rynearson
SP4 Ira L. Garner
MAJ Charles E. Weaver
6 injured


213 ASHC
While on a night resupply mission, the sling load hit ground causing pilot to turn on landing light, revealing it was about to hit a tree, then hit the tree causing it to crash and burn.

19 AUG 67

SP5 Randall G. Jacob [FE]


196 ASHC
A/C hit by hostile fire and landed. FE was setting up a defense perimeter when killed by AW fire.

13 MAY 67

SP4 Vidal Sanchez Jr [CE]


196 ASHC
No details.

05 MAY 67

2LT Paul J. Hicks [AC]
CW2 Edward J. Weidenbach [CP]
SSG Ariston R. Talan Jr [CE]
SGT Joaquin Arzuaga [G]
SP4 Melvin O'Neal Jr [G]
SP4 Gary W. Rodrigues [G]
PFC William E. White Jr [G]
PFC Pike P. Mayo [G]


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During a firing run, a fwd mounting pin broke, causing one of the 20mm cannons to elevate and fire through the fwd rotor system. The blades separated from the A/C causing it to nose over out of control.

26 APR 67

CW2 Walter F. Morris [P]

Quang Nam Province

178 ASHC
Killed by small arms fire while on final approach to Da Nang.

05 MAR 67

CW2 Orman D. Phillips [AC]
1LT Robert E. Wise [CP]
SP6 Dennis W. Smith [FE]
SP4 William R. Janka [CE]
PFC Richard C. McKee Jr [G]
SP4 Kenneth W. Lampman
SP6 Clifford E. Sparks

Binh Dinh Province

A/228 ASHB
Crashed inverted, exploded, and burned. No direct evidence of enemy fire but classified by Army as combat strike.

15 JAN 67

CW2 Robert G. Strange [AC]
CW2 A.J. Bottom [CP]
SP6 Herman L. Gurr [FE]
SP5 Kenneth W. Teeter [CE]
SP4 Thomas J. Harty [G]
PFC Raymond C. Jackson [G]
MAJ Ralph D. Cordell
SP4 Roger A. Hites
SP4 Robert F. Melton


147 ASHC
The aft green rotor blade failed and the A/C crashed near Can Tho.

18 NOV 66

CW2 Billy J. Waymire [P]
CW2 James W. Leach [CP]
PFC Michael G. Isely [CE]
SP4 Carl Brown [G]
SP5 Raymond E. Smoot [G]


C/228 ASHB
Transmission failure and crash with piggy backed 105 mm. A/C came apart in flight due to losing a bolt that attaches aft speed trim actuator to swashplate assembly.

23 JUL 66

9 injured


180 ASHC
Non-Instrument pilot entered IFR and crashed from loss of ground reference and vertigo.

27 JUN 66

CPT John S. Seeley [P]
3 crewmembers injured


178 ASHC
Crashed on take-off from confined PZ with an internal load of tin panels, after loss of power.

30 MAY 66

SP5 Ross A. Brown [CE]
2 PAX killed


178 ASHC
A/C with internally loaded fuel barrels, was at a hover when it fell off its ground effect and caught fire as it tumbled down the side of the mountain.

09 MAY 66

SP4 Dickie D. Trinkler [G]


147 ASHC
A/C crashed between Vung Tau and Saigon, approx 15 mi NW of Vung Tau. A/C lost all control except collective pitch (thrust) in the forward head.

04 MAY 66

CW3 George A. Clark [AC]
CW3 John A. Eddy [AC]
SP6 Edgar S. Doliber [FE]
SP5 Aaron B. Aumiller [CE]
SP4 Fairley W. Mills [G]
MAJ William J. Barragy
PFC Roger L. Berg
SSG John A. Brown
PFC Robert L. Clark
PFC Roger C. Collette
SP4 John F. Concannon
MSG J. D. Harrell
SSG Gene Hawthorne
PFC Malakia Jackson Jr
PFC Michael Simpson
PFC Joseph J. Swayze
PFC Robert E. Thompson
SP4 Earnest A. Tucker Jr
1SG Harden B. Walker
SP4 Howard D. Weiss


147 ASHC
Crashed during a combat mission 13 nm NW of Nhon Co while deployed to a forward base. The PAX were from 2 Bn, 502nd Inf of the 101st. One of the passengers was the 1st Bde’s Roman Catholic Chaplain, Major William J. Barragy. Eyewitnesses agreed for the most part that there were flames coming from the rear of the A/C and it seemed to have no forward airspeed and was spinning and falling straight down. The technical report suggests that the combining transmission failed excessive heat and fire causing the #2 drive shaft to separate. Resulting fire may have been ingested into the remaining engine causing a loss of power, SAS and AC electrical systems. There is evidence that the pilot attempted to flare the A/C prior to impact to no avail, crashing on its left side and was consumed by fire.

29 JAN 66

CW2 Frank Roop [AC]
CPT William R. Hardin [P]
SP5 Claude T. Turner [FE]
SP6 Charles J. Bair [CE]
SP4 Richard E. Arnold [G]


B/228 ASHB
The forward transmission froze inflight about 5 miles north of Phu Cat while they had a slingload of JP-4 and crashed inverted.

28 JAN 66

MAJ Taylor D. Johnson [P]


B/228 ASHB
Hit in the head by small arms fire while on resupply mission for 1 CAV units in the mountains west of Bong Son during operation Masher.

18 SEP 65

SP5 Larry L. Truesdale [FE]


C/228 ASHB
FE was struck in the head by ground fire while manning an M60. A/C sustained ten hits going into a hot LZ.

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