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Other Rotary Wing Vietnam Losses

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Other A/C Vietnam Losses






24 APR 72

SP4 Michael D. Cleaves [CE]
1 other killed
3 injured


478 HHC
A/C crashed while delivering a D-4 dozer to LZ High Tower in Laos.

2 MAY 68

SGT Rosalio Valencia

Kontum Province

Soldier killed when a helicopter rotor blade struck him in the head while helping to load the A/C.

19 APR 68

MAJ Arthur J. Lord [AC]
CW4 Charles W. Millard [P]
MSG Michael R. Werdehoff [FE]
SP6 Philip R. Shafer [CE]

Quang Tri Province

478 HHC
A/C was carrying a bulldozer into the recently resecured LZ Tiger when the A/C was hit and crashed.

09 AUG 67

SP4 John M. Beyrand [G]

Quang Ngai Province

D/229 AHB
Gunner was hit by enemy fire during flight at LZ Pat in the Song Re Valley.

05 JAN 66

CW3 Alton L. Gajan [P]
CW2 Robert C. Lane [P]
SP5 Joseph E. Hetzer Jr [CE]
SP4 Lionel J. Bryan Jr [C]
SP5 Carver J. English Jr [C]


478 HHC
After completing an ammo resupply for an artillery unit, A/C was returning to An Khe. Since this was one of the first times they had flown with sling gear that included a net with a canvas bottom, the crew tried an experiment. They let out all 100' of cable while the sling equipment dangling from the hook. Either the cable or the sling gear tangled in the T/R and whipped into the M/R blades. One main blade came off and went through the cabin. The A/C disintegrated and crashed.

05 JUL 65

CW2 Allen L. Holt [AC]

Quang Ngai Province


A/C shot down during support of Ba Gai Tam Ky area. Rest of crew picked up by USMC CH-34.

12 APR 64

PFC Alan Y. Matsuura [CE]

Chuong Thien Province

120 AHC
[Need Tail#]
CE was hit in the chest by enemy fire during the Kien Long operation.

17 JAN 64

PFC Loye T. Christmas [G]

Phong Dinh Province

121 AHC
Gunner was killed by machine gun fire while on a troop-ferrying mission near Can Tho.

12 DEC 63

CW2 William E. T. Flowers [AC]
1LT Ronny L. Woodmansee [CP]
SP5 Marshall J. Angell [FE]
PFC Newman R. Nesmith [G]
1 injured

Tuong Dinh Province

611 TC
A/C was hit by enemy ground fire as the crew was attempting to sling load a downed aircraft in the Mekong River delta. The helicopter crashed and burned.

30 AUG 63

1LT Timothy M. Lang [AC]
CPT James E. Wenzel [CP]
CE & G injured

Tay Ninh Province

118 AHC
On a combat assault mission with 14 other Shawnees. On passing over the Iron Triangle, the lead ship of the second Vee suddenly pitched nose up, rolled to its side and crashed in an open area.

21 MAR 63

PFC Floyd R. Davis [G]
3 injured


81 TC
A/C crashed in a steep valley after it lost power and altitude.

24 FEB 63

PVT Charles W. McCary [G]


81 TC
No details.

11 JAN 63

CW2 Lawrence C. Hammond [AC]
CW2 Raymond C. Wilde [CP]
PFC Boyce E. Lawson [CE]
SP5 James D. McAndrew [OB]
1LT Charles M. Fitts [PP]
1LT Lewis L. Stone [PP]
CPT Donald B. Toth [PP]

Kien Hoa Province

57 TC
A/C crashed during the early evening hours on a small island just south of Ben Tre when the A/C lost its lateral control mechanism. Medical reports from the scene of the accident indicate all seven members aboard the aircraft died instantly.

02 JAN 63

SP4 Donald L. Braman [G]

Kien Tuong Province

93 TC
A/C was on an AA by troops of the ARVN 7th ID. All 10 H-21's were used in the lift. On the 4th lift, the LZ (near Ap Bac) was ambushed by an entrenched and reinforced VC battalion. Although the first 4 CH-21s were hit by ground fire, they were able to take off again. The #5 A/C was shot down. The #6 CH-21 unhesitatingly diverted its take-off and attempted to pick up the crew of the downed CH-21 but was itself shot down.

22 DEC 62

CW2 Charles E. Holloway [P]

Phu Yen Province

81 TC
A/C was on an assault on a VC strong hold at Van Hoa, north of Tuy Hoa. A/C was flying at tree top level heading toward the LZ. A/C was the 8th in line of 21 CH-21s carrying ARVN troops into the LZ zone when they began drawing heavy enemy ground fire. Pilot was at the controls in the right hand seat when hit by the deadly rounds.

NOTE: Camp Holloway in Pleiku dedicated 04JUL63 in his honor.

03 NOV 62

SGT Johnnie G. Lee [CE]


Killed by a round that penetrated the bottom of the ship during a mission.

15 JUL 62

CW2 Joseph A. Goldberg [P]
SP5 Harold L. Guthrie [CE]
SP5 James E. Lane [G]
COL Anthony J. Tencza
1 ARVN PAX killed
2 injured

Kontum Province

8 TC
A/C was at a very low altitude and airspeed - reportedly less than 100 feet and about 60 knots - when it was hit by enemy fire and brought down.

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