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1963-65 Vietnam Huey Losses

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31 DEC 65

WO1 Alvin R. Woods Jr [AC]


A/C was lead ship conducting airmobile operations south of Saigon and just after lifting off from a rice paddy a bullet came through the windshield and hit AC in the chest.

28 DEC 65

CW2 Jesse D. Phelps [P]
CW2 Kenneth L. Stancil [P]
SP5 Donald C. Grella [CE]
SP4 Thomas Rice Jr [G]

Gia Lai Province

A/229 AHB
A/C departed An Khe for a resupply run to A Company's forward operating location approx 20 km to the west. A/C lost and never located. *Remains were found in March 2009.

23 DEC 65

WO1 James A. Gruezke [AC]

Binh Duong Province

A/82 AVN
Killed in the traffic pattern at Phu Loi.

18 DEC 65

SP5 Jack E. Clemmons [CE]

Binh Dinh Province

A/C landed in a quiet area so that Col Mertel and staff could spend some time with the troops while the A/C went to refuel. While the A/C was on the ground, the crew was asked if they would take a wounded soldier back with them to base. CE was shot in the back when he got out and was helping the wounded man.

18 DEC 65

WO1 George W. Rice [AC]


A/C was hit by small arms fire and pilot was killed. A/C made a forced landing.

06 DEC 65

WO1 John T. Sticher [AC]


120 AHC
Shot in the neck while piloting acft.

16 NOV 65

WO1 Benedicto P. Bayron [P]
WO1 Billy J. Talley [P]
SP5 Billy M. Knight [CE]
SGT James L. Riley [G]

Pleiku Province

C/1/9 CAV
At approximately 1527 hours, a UH1B armed helicopter on a CA mission crashed and burned in the vicinity of coordinates BR837005. All four crew members aboard perished.

11 NOV 65

PFC William Esposito Jr [CE]
CPL Orin L. Allred [G]
SSG Gilivaldo A. Martinez Jr [MD]

Binh Dinh Province

498 MED
A/C was shot down in the vicinity of Qui Nhon.

09 NOV 65

CPT Donald R. Clark [P]
3 crewmembers WIA


197 AHC
A/C shot down by intense automatic weapon fire while flying a "Lightning Bug" mission.

04 NOV 65

WO1 James W. Sizemore [AC]
CPT Royal C. Fisher Jr [CP]
CW2 Joe T. Welborn [P]
SP4 Champ J. Lawson Jr [CE]

Binh Dinh Province

C/227 AHB
Crashed after a mid-air collision with #63-08747, near An Khe during a combat mission.

MAJ Richard E. Steel [P]
SP5 Benjamin R. Pinkerton [CE]
MSG James E. Clark
SGT Roy M. Hitt Jr
1LT William J. Lyons

227 AHB
Crashed after a mid-air collision with #64-13615, near An Khe during a combat mission.

28 OCT 65

PFC Homer D. Nelson [G]


197 AHC
A/C was hit by ground fire and gunner was killed at Qui Nhon in support of the Marines.

23 OCT 65

CW2 Vann D. Sherrill [AC]


118 AHC
Killed by small arms fire at Duc Hoa during approach to LZ during a medical evacuation mission.

21 OCT 65

1LT Harold A. Preisendefer [AC]
WO1 Josef S. Huwyler [CP]
SP5 William J. Johnson [CE]
PFC Michael E. Davis [G]

Pleiku Province

During a recon of an LZ, A/C suffered mechanical failure which resulted in separation of the M/R from the A/C at 2000'. The A/C crashed and exploded on impact.

20 OCT 65

WO1 Ronald W. Macklin [P]
WO1 Don G. Knowlton [P]
SP5 Franklin D. Racine [CE]
SP5 Wesley McDonial [G]

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
A/C hit by enemy fire and crashed in flames just outside the SW perimeter of a SF camp at Plei Me.

10 OCT 65

CPT Charles F. Kane Jr* [P]


15 MED
A/C was Chalk 3 of 3 enroute to medevac 11 wounded soldiers from the 3rd BDE. Lead and escort acft stayed at altitude while Chalk 3 made a low approach to the PZ. Pilot was struck in the head by enemy ground fire and CP flew back to the 85 EVAC. *Pilot died 2 days later.

30 SEP 65

CPT Frank L. Miller III [P]
WO1 Clarence E. Moore [P]
PFC John J. Fleming [CE]
PFC William G. Maurone [G]

Binh Dinh Province

D/229 AHB
Refueled and rearmed, took off for Golf Course, at 150' and 40 kts, engine emitted grey powder, crashed and burned.

18 SEP 65

PFC Paul E. Rytter [G]

Binh Dinh Province

25 AVN
A/C was hit by small arms fire in the vicinity of Tien Binh.

09 SEP 65

CW2 Robert W. Reagan [AC]
1LT Leonard J. Dadante [CP]
SP5 Erich Simkaitis [CE]
PFC Harry A. Hipke [G]

Chuong Thien Province

A/101 AVN
On a check ride, A/C took fire low level that seriously wounded the crew chief. Successfully landing the Huey 150 meters from VC lines, Dadante carried wounded CE 30 meters from the aircraft. Despite being wounded himself by enemy fire, he retrieved an M-60 machine gun with ammunition from his helicopter and maintained a defensive position long enough for a rescue helicopter to land and for him to carry his critically injured crew chief to safety. Dadante died as a result of his injuries on 09SEP65.

02 SEP 65

2LT Douglas L. Foley [P]
WO1 Dale L. Tooloose [P]
PFC George A. Zelinko [CE]
CPL David E. Gill [G]
8 ARVN killed

Binh Duong Province

118 AHC
Pulled out of formation because of a governor problem, crashed and burned.

01 SEP 65

2LT George Gutierrez Jr [AC]
1LT Carl J. Mangold [CP]
SP5 William H. Eberhardt [CE]
PFC Donald L. Arcand [G]

Binh Duong Province

197 AHC
Lead helicopter in a fire team of two escorting and protecting a convoy. As the convoy approached Ben Cat, CE noticed activity just east of the highway in a known VC area. As A/C descended to investigate, received heavy hostile fire, was hit and exploded in midair and fell to the ground.

31 AUG 65

SP5 Jack D. Lanelli [CE]
2 others KIA


118 AHC
Killed by small arms fire.

18 AUG 65

MAJ Donald G. Radcliff [P]

Quang Tin Province

Killed by enemy ground fire through windshield at LZ Blue during Operation Starlite.

20 JUL 65

SP4 Johnny R. Triplett [G]


119 AHC
25th Inf Shotgun gunner assigned to the 119 AHC.

09 JUL 65

PFC James A. Hall [G]

Go Cong Province

25 AVN
A/C was participating on an operation NE of Soc Trang when gunner was killed.

29 JUN 65

PFC Dennis S. Pitsenbarger [G]


25 AVN
A/C crashed.

19 JUN 65

CW2 James L. Purser [AC]
CPT Roberto Samaniego [CP]
SP5 Harold A. Atcher [CE]
1LT John R. Ball [G]

Kontum Province

119 AHC
2 slicks escorted by 2 gunships carried cargo from Kontum to Dak Sut (BY932516). As A/C entered the Dak Sut Valley (YB 915355) the lead A/C came under intense AW fire. A/C was hit and caught fire on the left side, near the tail boom, the A/C entered autorotation. The tail boom separated from A/C at 300' AGL and the A/C hit the ground inverted and exploded on impact.

16 JUN 65

MAJ Jackie W. Sanford [P]
SP5 Michael P. Moritz [CE]
2 crewmembers WIA


A/502 AVN
Gun ship shot down while supporting S. Vietnamese in the Delta out of Vinh Long.

12 JUN 65

CW2 Billy G. Hammer [P]
WO1 Michael L. Wildes [P]
SP5 Donald L. Baker [CE]
SSG Kenneth L. Reed [G]

Gia Dinh Province

A/82 AVN
A/C went IFR and crashed near Bear Cat.

10 JUN 65

WO1 Donald R. Saegaert [AC]
CPT Walter L. Hall [CP]
SSG Joseph J. Compa Jr [CE]
SGT Craig L. Hagen [G]
SSG Robert L. Curlee Jr
SFC Fred M. Owens


118 AHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Rotor head hit by mortar round on take off from 2nd CA approx 6km from Dong Xoai (SF compound) at 200' AGL, crashed and exploded at coord YT056817.

10 JUN 65

CW2 Raymond C. Galbraith [AC]
WO1 Zoltan A. Kovacs [CP]
PFC William R. Batchelder [CE]
PFC Walter R. Gray [G]

Phuoc Long Province

A/82 AVN
A/C was taking off from LZ #2 (rubber plantation) approx 6km from Dong Xoai when it shot down by .51 cal automatic weapons fire, crashed into trucks and buildings and burned.

28 MAY 65

1LT Phillip D. Childers [P]
CW2 Edward R. Piper [P]
PFC Foster F. Triggs [CE]
SGT George H. Frazee Jr [G]
CPT James J. Masotti
CPT Millard R. Valerius
SSG Ronald J. Warren

Bien Hoa Province

118 AHC
Mid-air near Bien Hoa and III Corps soccer field with #63-08594.

CPT Donald J. Fillers [P]
WO1 Myron M. Pfoutz [P]
PFC William J. Oakley [G]

118 AHC
Mid-air near Bien Hoa & III Corps soccer field with #63-08592.

08 MAY 65

1LT John W. Irving Jr [AC]


145 CAB
Took a .51 cal in the chest while A/C shut-down outside a village.

19 APR 65

CPT Gary L. Steele [P]

Quang Nam Province

Bullet entered left window, punctured both lungs and cut spine on morning assault at Marble Mountain S of Da Nang. Died enroute to Japan.

19 APR 65

2LT Patrick P. Calhoun [AC]
WO1 Douglas D. Mack [CP]
SP4 Arthur F. Hennessey Jr [CE]
SP4 Terry W. Mills [G]

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
A/C shot down during CA north of Qui Nhon at LZ Alpha, Operation Quyet Thang 137.

19 APR 65

1LT Josef L. Thorne [AC]
WO1 Daniel E. Bishop [CP]
SP5 Charles F. Millay [CE]
SP4 Gilbert Olivar [CE]

Binh Dinh Province

145 AL PLT
A/C shot down during combat assault north of Qui Nhon at LZ Alpha, Operation Quyet Thang 137.

19 APR 65

CPT Robert D. Walker [P]

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
Hit by SA fire killing CP.

06 APR 65

1LT Raymond E. Rupcic [AC]
CPT Charles G. Tucker [CP]
SP4 Clarence L. Jones [CE]
SGT Rafael Torres-Rivera [G]


114 AHC
Shot down by .50 cal, crashed inverted and exploded.

05 APR 65

SP5 Joseph R. Foss [CE]

Quang Ngai Province

A/C crashed on takeoff from Baun Briena SF camp.

01 APR 65

SP5 Wayne C. Simmons [CE]

Binh Dinh Province

During an extraction, CE unplugged and exited A/C to assist a wounded soldier. A/C took off not knowing CE was gone. CE was killed when enemy overran the LZ. NOTE: 1st DUSTOFF crewmember to be killed in Vietnam.

01 APR 65

PFC Jerry W. Osborn [G]


71 AHC
Killed by small arms fire while taking off from LZ.

09 FEB 65

WO1 John R. Urban [P]


Took one round on left side of flak vest in an LZ near Binh Gia. Was dead when aircraft landed at med pad.

07 FEB 65

CPT George Markos [P]
2 crewmembers WIA

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
During CA mission, A/C was hit by mortar, crashed and burned.

15 JAN 65

CPT Lyal H. Erwin [P]
PFC Alton L. Hornbuckle [G]
2 crewmembers WIA


A/C crashed due to a wire strike while escorting a convoy of the 48th Regiment to Saigon.

30 DEC 64

WO1 Roy G. Azbill [AC]
WO1 Stephen E. Morgan [CP]
SGT Franklin D. Porter [CE]
PFC Theodore A. Winowitch [G]

Phuoc Tuy Province

A/C shot down by .50 caliber machine gun fire at Binh Gia and crashed in enemy territory.

18 DEC 64

WO1 Robert R. Thruston III [AC]

Khanh Hoa Province

117 AHC
News Article
Killed by a single shot while on takeoff.

09 OCT 64

CW3 Manford L. Kleiv [P]

Quang Nam Province

A/C was shot down during a support mission. Pilot evacuated the crew and established a defensive perimeter and repeatedly returned to A/C to send distress calls, when he was killed by small arms fire returning to crew.

07 OCT 64

WO1 James E. Havemann [AC]
CPT Gary R. Riggins [CP]
SP4 Delbert C. LaFlemme [CE]
PFC Thomas A. Bain [G]
MAJ Durward D. Gosney [PP]

Long Khanh Province

118 AHC
A/C shot down in flames by enemy ground fire.

04 SEP 64

SSG James E. Bailey [CE]

Tay Ninh Province

118 AHC
A/C was hit by AW fire when a round struck the CE.

14 AUG 64

SP4 James E. Caughey [CE]
SFC William M. Dean
CPT Alan B. Harriman*

Tay Ninh Province

118 AHC
Crash Photo Crash Photo
A/C lost engine on short final of a steep approach to the helipad near the top of Nue Ba Dinh. Low altitude autorotation was interrupted by a 30' branchless tree trunk. A/C rolled on its side, hit the ground and rolled a few rotations down the mountain. *Harriman died a day later of injuries.

13 AUG 64

1LT Harold L. McNeil [P]


Killed as a result of hostile action from small arms fire at Ben Cat.

10 JUL 64

SP5 Leonard W. Lockard [CE]

Long An Province

A/C shot down while on a CA mission.

01 JUL 64

MAJ Charles L. Kelly [AC]
3 crewmembers WIA

Vinh Long Province

A/C was on a mission to pickup wounded SF solder at an ARVN unit near Vinh Long. As A/C came into the LZ, it came under attack by VC forces. A round went through the open door window and pierced his heart.

30 JUN 64

2LT William B. Cawthorne [P]
PFC Freddy D. Dodson [CE]
2 crewmembers WIA

Quang Tin Province

52 CAB
A/C was providing protection for unarmed helicopters which were resupplying ground troops near a little grass-hut village called Phoun San, which is about 35 miles SW of DaNang. Pilot was hit through the right shoulder and chest by an enemy bullet and A/C crashed.

29 JUN 64

1LT Gerald W. Davidson [AC]
WO1 Ralph A. Dunn [CP]
PFC Wayne A. Arakaki [CE]
PFC Everette L. Donaldson [G]


114 AHC
Smoke ship crashed with no call.

26 JUN 64

1LT James P. Wright [AC]
2LT Robert L. Ragsdale [CP]


114 AHC
Took fire from the right side on a fire fight in support of RVN. Radioed being hit, auto to water filled rice paddy, rolled.

10 APR 64

WO1 David E. Miller* [AC]
1LT Joseph G. Galambos [CP]
SP4 William T. Cavanaugh [CE]
PFC Albert L. Shimek [G]
8 ARVN killed


114 AHC
Tailboom separated in flight at 1500' and crashed. *Miller died 10 days later of burn injuries.

15 MAR 64

CPT Roger E. Gauvin [AC]
1LT Kenneth A. Shannon [CP]
SP5 Carleton W. Upton [CE]
PFC Frank J. Holguin [G]

Bac Lieu Province

114 AHC
Shot down crashing tail first and caught on fire then exploded.

09 MAR 64

SP5 Wyley Wright Jr [CE]
PFC John F. Shea [G]

Vinh Long Province

114 AHC
A/C was escorting Secretary Robert McNamara's aircraft and lost power while making a low level sweep of landing area in the Mekong River outside of Sadec and 2 crewmen drowned.

18 JAN 64

1LT Bryford G. Metoyer [P]
PFC John L. Straley [CE]


During a strafing attack against an enemy position, T/R was damaged by enemy fire. While attempting to withdraw and return to base, A/C made a wide turn out over the South China sea. A/C had a complete T/R failure and crashed into the sea.

17 JAN 64

CW2 William H. House [AC]
1LT Charles M. Hasper [CP]
PFC Grover K. Olson [CE]
PFC Raymond P. Flynn [G]

Kien Hoa Province

A/C hit by RPG, exploded while in flight and crashed.

28 DEC 63

2LT Lynn H. Rothenbuhler [AC]


118 AML
A/C was supporting a slick ship outpost insertion south of My Tho when killed by SA fire.

14 DEC 63

MAJ James H. Allred [P]
PFC Jean Claude T.E. Esnault [G]
PFC Terrance L. Lovenguth [G]


117 AVN
A/C crashed into the sea while enroute to perform a night medical evacuation of wounded ARVNs.

06 JUL 63

1LT Paul R. Smith [AC]


A/C gunship was flying support for transport helicopters when the A/C was hit by SA fire. A round entered the cockpit and struck pilot in the head.

02 JAN 63

SGT William L. Deal [CE]


WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was shot down in a battle at Ap Bac near Tam Hiep in the Delta area.

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