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1972-73 Vietnam Huey Losses

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28 JAN 73

WO1 Anthony Dal Pozzo Jr [P]

Phong Dinh Province

18 AVN
News Article
A/C was a marked JMC and was returning from one of the first missions flown following the offical Cease-Fire to Can Tho when a single VC fired at the A/C hitting the pilot. Pilot died one day later from injuries.

08 JAN 73

WO1 Mickey A. Wilson [AC]
WO1 Richard A. Knutson [CP]
SP5 Manuel A. Lauterio [CE]
SP5 William S. Stinson [G]
SSG Elbert W. Bush
MAJ William L. Deane

Thach Han River

62 AVN
A/C was tasked with flying 2 men from the MACV Regional HQ in Hue on a support mission to several LZs in the vicinity of Quang Tri City. Direct hit was made on the tailboom by a missile, reportedly an SA-7 (YD324528). *Knutson's remains returned in 1995. Wilson & Dean's remains returned in 1996.

26 OCT 72

1LT Carlos A. Pedrosa [P]
CE wounded

Pleiku Province

H/17 CAV
Killed during a rocket attack standing near his Huey while Troop was staging at Kontum Airfield.

16 OCT 72

1LT James D. Dugger Jr [P]
SP5 James L. Craig Jr

Pleiku Province

57 AHC
A/C hit with 60 mm RR right at the nose.

13 JUL 72

SP4 Michael A. Hill [G]

Quang Tri Province

48 AHC
T/R was knocked off while flaring to avoid chalk 1, A/C crashed in the LZ. CE survived crash but was killed by gunshot from ARVN boarding rescue A/C.

02 JUN 72

CPT Joe W. Eubanks [P]
3 injured

Kontum Province

57 AHC
A/C was shot down by .51 cal fire, lost torque and crashed on fire, nose down, on the right side, from perhaps 150-200'.

02 JUN 72

CPT Frederick N. Suttle Jr [P]

Kontum Province

H/10 CAV
Killed trying to go in to rescue crew from downed UH-1H #67-17446 (above).

25 MAY 72

1LT Gary B. Farris [AC]

Kontum Province

57 AHC
During approach to LZ, M/R baldes made contact with a tree.

24 MAY 72

MAJ Dan C. Kingman Jr [AC]
1LT Bruce E. Kline [CP]
SP4 Timothy J. Monkelbaan [CE]
SP4 David A. Bausch [G]

Thua Thien Province

48 AHC
A/C was flying C&C when shot down by SA-7 near Hue.

13 MAY 72

1LT Thomas J. Wiley [AC]

Thua Thien Province

196 BDE
While flying C&C ship, pilot was shot in head while checking to insure targets were NVA.

02 MAY 72

CW2 William C. Jesse [AC]
WO1 John J. Petrilla Jr [CP]
SP4 Charles V. Morgan [CE]
SP4 Dale K. Porterfield [G]
CPT Joseph M. Berkson

Quang Tri Province

A/C destroyed by SA-7 while assisting elements of F/4 rescue two AF pilots and one AF FAC.

27 APR 72

1LT Thomas F. Shaw [P]
WO1 Claud P. Strother [P]
2 Koreans killed
CE & G injured

Binh Dinh Province

129 AHC
WARNING: Clicking on this icon will display graphic image of crash site.
T/R hit ground, spun and crashed nose first while resupplying a beseiged Korean fire base at An Khe Pass.

24 APR 72

1LT James E. Hunsicker [AC]
WO1 Wade L. Ellen [CP]
MAJ George W. Carter
1LT Johnny M. Jones
SP4 Franklin Zollicoffer
5 injured

Kontum Province

52 AVN
Mission to extract Team 22 advisors. A/C was apparently hit by enemy fire, as it crashed and burned on a small island in the Dak Poko River about 500 meters from the end of the dock to the runway.

18 APR 72

CW2 Gregory W. Hermann [AC]
CW2 Ronald H. Wiggins [AC]
SP4 David D. Stover [CE]
PFC Tommy J. Becker [G]
2 ROK PAX killed

Phu Yen Province

60 AHC
A/C was flying around a mountaintop in a left bank when it entered low level clouds covering the top. A/C then returned to an almost straight flight path with a slight rate of descent, before impacting into the side of a ridge. A/C crashed into trees and burned upon impact.

15 APR 72

SP5 Dallas L. Nihsen [CE]

Kontum Province

B/7/17 CAV
Killed as a result of enemy gunfire during an extraction mission.

14 APR 72

SP4 David H. Stamper [G]

Binh Dinh Province

129 AHC
Killed during a CA in the An Khe Pass approx 1k SSE of Binh Khe village.

07 APR 72

CW2 Robert L. Horst [AC]

Binh Long Province

Killed by small arms fire. *Last dustoff aviator killed in Vietnam.

03 APR 72

CW3 Larry A. Zich [AC]
CW2 Douglas L. O'Neill [CP]
SFC Allen D. Christensen [CE]
SSG Edward W. Williams [G]

Quang Tri Province

37 SIG
A/C was on a routine resupply mission to signal units in and around Quang Tri Province. A/C was flying from Marble Mountain NW to Quang Tri City when the A/C disappeared.

02 APR 72

WO1 John W. Frink [P]
1LT Byron K. Kulland [P]
SP5 Ronald P. Paschall [CE]
G injured POW

Quang Tri Province

#67-17801 BLUEGHOST 39
A/C was on a SAR mission and flew at 300' AGL to provide air cover for other helicopters flying at only 50'. Just after flying over some huts near the tree line and over a clearing, A/C encountered heavy and accurate enemy ground fire, causing crash. *Kulland's remains identified in 1994.

27 MAR 72

CW2 Larry J. Woods [P]
SSG Edward P. Kow Wong Jr [G]

Kontum Province

57 AHC
A/C was on a mission to rescue crew of a downed VNAF helicopter which had crashed at an LZ in Kontum Province. Accompanying gunships made an attack pass to suppress enemy fire in the area, and the A/C descended to make the rescue attempt. As A/C was landing, it received heavy AW fire, crashed and rolled down a hill, coming to rest upside down.

17 MAR 72

1LT Donel J. Dobbs [P]
1LT James C. Williamson [P]
SP4 Richard A. Crocker [CE]
SP4 John J. Moynahan [G]
PFC Howard E. Drain
SFC Turner C. Johnson
PFC James J. Pockey
SP4 Charles H. Schelling
SP5 Alberto Vadirodriguez
PFC Columbus Watson Jr
SGT Thurman Woody Jr

Bien Hoa Province

H/16 CAV
A/C exploded in flight and fell into a river east of Bien Hoa.

25 FEB 72

1LT David N. Johnston [AC]
1LT Mark J. Fitzgerald [CP]
SP4 Roman L. Jones [CE]
SP4 Marvin L. Hall [G]
SP4 Robert G. Galbreath

Ninh Thuan Province

A/7/17 CAV
A/C lost power shortly after take-off from Cam Ranh Airfield. The A/C struck the ground in a nose-high attitude, bounced, struck again in a slightly nose-low attitude, spun around, and burst into flames.

25 FEB 72

WO1 William A. Gunnells [AC]
SP4 David E. Clarke [G]
MAJ William J. Morgan
COL Albert W. Smarr Jr
BG Phan Dinh Soan
COL Ngo An Dong
3 injured

Quang Nam Province

62 AVN
A/C was lifting off from the destroyer USS Craig helipad, the A/C executed a right pedal turn causing the T/R to impact the guard rail on the next higher deck. Impact caused the T/R to separate from the A/C and strike the M/R, which in turn severed the tailboom. The A/C crashed in the water inverted and sank in Da Nang Harbor.

13 FEB 72

SP5 Christopher R. Seitz [CE]
SGT Robert M. Laird
SSG Jesse W. Montague Jr
1 other pax killed
3 injured

Quang Nam Province

48 AHC
A/C went IFR over water and impacted after 180 turn was attempted.

29 JAN 72

SP4 Kurt Int-Hout [G]
3 injured

Quang Tri Province

60 AHC
A/C was on a routine resupply mission for ROK, proceeded to LZ1 where supplies and PAXs were to be dropped off. On final approach A/C spun right and downward until impacting trees on the NNW side of pinnacle, coming to rest approx 110' below pinnacle. On impact the gunner was thrown and died of injuries.

20 JAN 72

SP4 Harry J. Edwards [OB]
PFC David D. Berdahl [G]
SP5 Fernando Figueroa
SP4 Walter C. Moran

Quang Tri Province

D/3/5 CAV
A/C was on a recovery mission for downed F4 fighter jet pilots. Crew was returning from the mission NW of Kne Sanh when AAA fired and hit the A/C, causing it to catch fire. The fire immediately spread over the boom and then engulfed the entire A/C. A/C autorotated to the bank of the Raoquan River, landed hard and rolled over onto its left side and exploded. Moran and Figueroa died in Japan several days later of injuries.

16 JAN 72

SP4 Patrick W. Rabacal [G]

Quang Nam Province

23 INF
No details.

11 JAN 72

CPT Robert W. Vehling [AC]
WO1 John D. Eddy [CP]
SP5 Gary W. Tawney [CE]
SGT Leonard H. Mantooth Jr [G]

An Xugen Province

162 AHC
Gunship was covering a Chinook resupplying an ARVN base near Ca Mau when the A/C was hit by an RPG or large caliber weapon, exploded in mid-air and crashed upside down in 3' of water.

01 JAN 72

SP4 Charles M. Kalani [CE]

Hua Nghia Province

128 AHC
A/C was providing fire support for a helicopter crew who's acft had been destroyed in a LZ by a B40 when CE was mortally wounded.

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